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Jack O'Riley

Former IT Executive

Jack ORiley

Jack O’Riley is a coach for The Great Game of Business, Inc. where he uses his 40+ years of business experience to help open-book companies implement The Great Game of Business®.

Jack has a career of diverse business experience working for both privately held and Fortune 100 organizations. He has held positions from the chairman of the board to engineer. He was introduced to the Great Game of Business when the president of an information technology consulting company.

Beginning coaching in 2008, he has provided services to a wide range of organizations with sales from $1MM to over $100MM. Markets served by these clients include manufactured products, technology services, software, agriculture and ag equipment, printing, disaster recovery, oil and gas transportation, electrical generation, consulting services, and construction. 

Jack’s education is in industrial engineering. He and his wife, Sue, live in central Illinois and have five grown children.

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