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Nathanael Feehan

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Master's Orthotics and Prosthetics, LLC

Nathanael Feehan, a Spokane native, began his business journey early, helping run a family-owned animal feed store in Washington state. The store's profits supported his and his siblings’ college education. In 2003, his father started an orthotic and prosthetic business, where Nathanael took on various roles, including patient interactions and fabrication. He earned a business degree in 2008 and completed a program in Orthotics and Prosthetics in 2010.

Nathanael returned to his hometown in 2012 to join his father's practice. Following his father's passing in 2015, Nathanael took over the family business. In 2019, he adopted "The Great Game of Business" principles, resulting in a 1,500% profit increase and enhanced employee engagement by the end of 2022. He advocates for transparency in business operations, valuing employee involvement.

Recently, Nathanael studied the impact of inflation on the orthotic and prosthetic industry and healthcare. He believes open book management and the Great Game can help businesses navigate current and future challenges. Nathanael became a certified coach to spread these principles to small businesses and healthcare providers, enabling them to provide essential care while remaining adaptable. He sees the Great Game as a path for healthcare providers to achieve both excellence and profitability.

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