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Amy Strauss P.E.

Former Plant Engineer

Amy Strauss

Amy, a native of Springfield, MO, retired in 2019 from Springfield, MO City Utilities (CU) as Manager-Power Generation Engineering at the John Twitty Energy Center. Prior to retirement, she transitioned to an Internal Great Game of Business (GGOB) Coach at CU to help implement GGOB.

Amy was a member of the GGOB Design Team in Power Generation during Level I Implementation. She then shadowed or led implementation coaching Gas Operations, Water Operations, and Fleet Management, as well as 2nd Level Coaching efforts. Amy became a Certified GGOB Coach in 2020.

She earned her bachelor of science (summa cum laude) and master of science (Structures) degrees in civil engineering from Missouri S&T in 1990 and 1991, respectively. Over the years, Amy has been very active with Missouri S&T, professional, technical, and civic groups.

Following the Joplin, MO tornado, Amy was deployed as part of SEMA’s Structural Assessment Visual Evaluation Team. Amy’s current interests include biking, kayaking, reading, cooking plant-based, crocheting, quilting/crafting, and building a house.

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