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Larry Chase

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When companies want an ownership culture, we help them make it happen. We coach breweries, wineries, distillers, and their associated vendors in building an open-book management system – in reality, it’s a people operating system – so that they can have growth in their people leading to growth in their business.

Teaching how a business operates financially involves turning a potentially complex topic into basic, easy-to-understand concepts. I did that exact kind of work over a 23-year brewing career. Teaching the brewing process to people – customers, service staff, interns, and assistants – involves breaking down the brewing process to its core basics and teaching people in support of their growth and learning. Training people how to brew is a process of repetition, coaching them through the struggle, recognizing mistakes are okay, and being directly supportive of the learner. The same concepts apply to coaching people about the financial side of the business where they work.

I’ve worked in companies where employees were kept in the dark about the financials or only had access to open book reporting with no education to understand the numbers. It wasn’t fun. I’ve seen how not to do it and want to support your company in learning a better way.

As a continuous learner, I help you learn and discover new ways of thinking. My execution on projects shows up in adherence to quality standards, attention to detail, and follow through.

Let’s work together using my interest in teaching financials and desire for employees to feel good about where they work to set your company up for the success you want for them.



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