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Angie Adamick

Trainer - Financial Literacy

Angie Adamick

Angie Adamick is a trainer for the Great Game of Business®.  She finds tremendous satisfaction in helping employees understand the numbers that lead to company success by providing financial literacy training to Great Game practitioners.

Angie has spent the majority of her career in higher education before launching her own business, Thrive Consulting in 2019. She has spent the last ten years at the Breech School of Business at Drury University where she taught undergraduate Business Management courses and directed the MBA program. Her high energy in the classroom allows her to engage and connect with her students. Her gift for explaining complicated material in understandable terms enables individuals at all skill levels to be empowered by the information they receive.

After earning her MBA from the Walton College of Business Administration at the University of Arkansas, Angie spent her early career assisting small businesses in making global connections for their products and services as she directed Global Marketing Support Services for the State of Arkansas. She was a small business consultant and small business owner as well.

These experiences have given her the tools and the experiences necessary to convey the message of the Great Game of Business.