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John Williams

Elucidate Resources LLC

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  • Founder/President of Elucidate Resources LLC. A consulting firm that specializes in helping people and organizations be successful.
  • 35+ years experience in Manufacturing
  • GGOB experience as practitioner and coach since 2006
  • Retired from Central States Manufacturing, a 100% employee-owned company and Great Game of Business practitioner, as VP Sales & Marketing.
  • Great Game of Business Certified Coach
  • Provides Sales Coaching and ESOP communication training.
  • Professional Member of The ESOP Association and National Center for Employee Ownership
  • Chair of the Ownership Culture Committee for the ESOP Association
  • A frequent speaker at ESOP, NCEO, and other conferences on employee ownership and engagement
  • Co-author of Building a Resilient ESOP Company (2020)
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