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Ann Casstevens

Coach Development Manager

Ann Casstevens

Ann has more than 20 years of experience in coaching business leaders in open-book management (OBM) practices to achieve Rapid Financial Results and Lasting Cultural Change™. Her career includes management/internal consulting positions in the electric utility, data communications, and aerospace industries. As an internal OBM certified coach for a large electric utility based in Texas, she partnered with power generation leaders to implement OBM in 30+ generation plants as a strategy to create a “business of business people”.

As a Senior Coach for the Great Game of Business®, Ann has continued bringing the power of open-book management, business literacy, and continuous improvement to the electric utility industry working with companies such as American Electric Power, Luminant, and Ohio Valley Electric. Her expertise goes beyond the utility industry to the restaurant, services, and technical/engineering industries.

In her current role, Ann is responsible for introducing the principles and practices of the Great Game of Business to new clients, integrating current initiatives with Great Game® and supporting the development of open-book leaders at all levels, while keeping in mind the ultimate goal—long-term business success for the organization and long-term personal success for the employees.

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