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Michele Bridges

Executive Trainer

Michele Bridges is an Executive Trainer at The Great Game of Business, Inc. In that role, she is honored to introduce the Great Game of Business® principles and practices to a wide variety of companies in order to engage and empower their employees. 

Michele spent 20 years in the medical sales market where she enjoyed educating customers and learned the valuable skill of putting difficult concepts into common terms. She is an energetic speaker and presenter who has a true passion for teaching others. 

In addition to her training role at Great Game®, she is also a Certified Trainer for Strata Leadership and pursuing her Masters Degree from St. Louis University in Leadership and Organizational Development.

Michele is wildly blessed to be married to her college sweetheart, Darin, who is the VP of Coaching at Great Game® and still cherishing time with her growing-up-too-quickly son, Isaac.

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