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2019 Case Study - Jenner Ag


Location:    Harristown, IL 

2018 Revenues: $66.5 million

Employees: 86

The Critical Number™: Net Income

Organization Background

Jenner Ag, the Case IH Agriculture Application Equip

ment Distributor for the states of Illinois and Indiana

—a consolidation of four different companies—has been serving its customers for 54 years and counting.


“When I started, I knew nothing; there was always somebody at Jenner Ag who had the answer and was willing to help me—there still is. That’s what makes Jenner Ag such a successful company; they create an environment where their employees are a family by encouraging them to work together and meet goals as a team.” ~ Jeff Rocke



While the business, which operates three locations, has been successful over the long haul, it was looking for a system that would get everyone inside the company rowing in the same direction—during good times and bad ones like with the recent downturn in the agriculture economy.


Embrace the various practices that make up The Great Game of Business® (GGOB)—financial literacy training, huddles, MiniGames™, scoreboards, forecasting, and more—with the help of their coach, Jack O’Riley, and embed them in organization’s DNA and culture.


As a result of playing Great Game™, Jenner Ag’s financials are more accurate and current from day to day than ever before. That enables their associates to work with real-time data in their huddles, which then empowers them to forecast more effectively and efficiently. But the impact goes beyond just the financials.  “The impact GGOB has had on Jenner Ag’s culture is so vast, it’s almost immeasurable,” says CEO Steve Jones. “The Game has helped develop our teams into cohesive units moving toward common goals. It has educated all of us in the language and world of business and owner decision-making.”


“I am a state away from our central location, yet The Game has provided a way for me to always be in touch with what is going on across the company, as well as in my own department. It gives us a common goal and the knowledge and desire to achieve that goal.” ~ Bret Hine, Field Service Department


MiniGame™ Spotlight:

In 2018, Jenner Ag shifted the focus of their MiniGames from rewards and recognition to emphasizing educational aspects. One example was a game called “Bridge the Gap,” where the goal as to increase customer satisfaction scores by improving follow ups with customers. Another company-wide MiniGame the team played was called “Flush the Debt,” which focused on increasing inventory turnaround and reducing debt by collecting receivables—where progress was tracked, aptly enough on a toilet scoreboard.


“The Game gives us the opportunity to learn in a fun way – from each other, as well as having the chance to teach each other too!” ~ Aaron David, Service Department


What’s Next?

Despite how far Jenner Ag has come with the Great Game, the team still sees plenty of opportunities to get better at playing. That’s why they continue to hold regular financial literacy bootcamps, company meetings, and huddles—while disseminating information electronically using Yammer, email, 365 Video and SharePoint. The company also relies on its GGOB Committee to continue updating its Great Game playbook, which lays out the meeting schedules, huddle agendas, and MiniGames for the company each year. The committee also helps promote regular Financial Literacy Bootcamps for the associates, which are intensive, one-hour deep dives into a variety of business and financial topics—and each are taught by one or two front-line associates. The team also covers business literacy topics and overviews in its weekly huddles as well to continue to educate their associates with the goal of becoming a business of businesspeople. “Constantly refreshing the committee along with game play has allowed us to stay current and ensure that employees stay informed and engaged in game play year after year,” says Jones. “You need to maintain that yearn to learn.”


“I wouldn’t have nearly as many of the great relationships I currently have at work if it weren’t for The Game. It gives us a chance to mix it up and work with different departments to reach our goals—and create new bonds.” ~ Matt Zimmerman, Field Service Department


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