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A Baby Boomer and Millennial Talk Competition (2)


I'm Not A Real CEO

Loren Feldman


This week, Jay Goltz, Liz Picarazzi, and Sarah Segal talk about the inherent conflicts between being an entrepreneur and being a CEO—and the different skill-sets each role requires. Does it make sense for the same person to do both jobs? Is being CEO even a full-time job? And when does it make sense to replace yourself as CEO? Liz says she’s thought about it. Jay, not so much: “Could I have found somebody 10, 15, 20 years ago who was a better manager? Sure. But it just wasn’t worth it.” Why not? “It’s gonna cost you $250,000 a year,” Jay says. “Is it worth paying that?” Plus: Liz and Sarah talk about positioning a company to be acquired. And Sarah proposes a PR campaign for Liz’s package bins right on the spot.

When CEOs Behave Badly

Loren Feldman


This week, our conversation starts with Shawn Busse and Jay Goltz trying to understand why CEOs keep going viral for their misguided attempts to rally the troops. Shawn suspects CEO screeds have always existed—they just haven’t been recorded. He also thinks they tend to come more from public company CEOs who are beholden to shareholders. Jay thinks they’re just morons. “I really don’t understand how someone could be smart enough to run a big company like that,” he says, “and be so completely ignorant. It’s shocking to me.” Of course, CEOs of both publicly owned companies and privately owned companies do have to do unpleasant things sometimes, but Shawn and Jay say they’ve learned from their own experiences handling layoffs and recessions. “Do we have to go out of our way to be callous about it?” Jay asks. “I don’t think so.” Plus: the very different ways Shawn and Jay manage their hiring processes. Oh, and, what would happen if Jay applied for a job at Shawn’s business?

Hire For Life

Charlotte Eckley

Charlotte Eckley, COO of SRC Logistics, discusses what she looks for when hiring a new candidate, the importance of holding yourself accountable when committing to a new employee, and how to maximize the people you have when you can't afford to bring on new talent. 

ESOP Roundtable 5

Robert Isherwood
Victor Aspengren hosts Robert Isherwood from AMBAC International: This episode of the Change The Game Podcast is from a previously recorded live roundtable event with Robert Isherwood from AMBAC International as he discusses how his employee-owners have an ownership mentality and the ways they demonstrate it. 

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Leadership is About Relinquishing Control

David Gilliland
David Gilliland (Elite Business Coach at Elite Entrepreneurs) discusses how leadership is an exercise in relinquishing control. How three times growth is about having the right team, and the importance of looking ahead to what your company can do when it's doing $1,000/hour work

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Developing Employees is as Important as Strategy

Jim Sliker and John Williams
Jim Sliker (CEO of Central States Manufacturing) and John Williams (Great GameTM Coach) talk with Steve Baker about strategic planning is a process, not an event, that developing people is as important as strategy, and outline the three-step plan to leadership success.

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A Baby Boomer and Millennial Talk Competition

The Great Game™ Team
Jack Stack and Brandon Lockhart highlight the baby boomer vs millennial perspective on what is competition, teaching people how to win, and how do we handle the loss.

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Unleashing Ownership Mentality

Prairie Capital Advisors
Tom DeSimone and Hillary Hughes, Prairie Capital Advisors, interview our very own Rich Armstrong on what is an ownership mentality? Is it created or taught? And what is the difference between an ESOP, private, and public company?

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Developing Financially Responsible Employees

Verity Homes

Art Goldammer (Founder & CEO), Aaron Tackett (Chief People Officer) of Verity Homes, and Dave Scholten (GGOB Coach) talk about their brand promise and core values and how breaking methodology creates a more fiscally responsible employee who has a deeper understanding of how every dollar spent impacts the bottom line.

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Helping Your Team Understand Your Business

Chuck Monico

Chuck Monico, Branch Manager at Ryan Lawn & Tree, talks to Rich and Steve about the importance of learning, keeping it simple, and how teaching financial literacy to your team can help them ask better questions and be better team members.

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