Share the Why Before the How

Implementing The Game requires change. And change can be difficult. Too often companies jump right into how the change will happen rather than first communicating why the change is important. Simply put, people get much more excited about the HOW when they clearly understand the WHY.

In order to effectively implement The Game, we need concrete approaches to building awareness and commitment and, most importantly, a desire to actively participate in the process.

These four elements are required for successful implementation:

    • Awareness of the need for the change (the why)
    • Desire to participate in the change (the why)
    • Knowledge and skills to make the change (the how)
    • Reinforcement to sustain the change (the how)

With these requirements in mind, how can you build awareness and commitment to The Game? Most importantly, how can you build a desire to participate in the process?

First, recognize your own “curse of knowledge.”

Your level of understanding and enthusiasm is likely different from that of your leadership team and probably miles from that of your frontline folks. The Game is not the first “best practice” you’ve brought to your team—and it likely won’t be your last. To avoid being left alone with your grand plan, why not help them understand why this is important—to you, the company, and them—before asking them to embrace another best practice?

Through the years, we have seen myriad approaches to introducing The Game to employees. We have seen a number of successful practitioners introduce their teams to The Game and to their own personal why. Some of the most memorable have been when members of top leadership share their heartfelt why with the entire team, outlining what brought them to The Game and why it appealed to them. The truth is that the reasons why someone wants to play The Game are far more important than the delivery. We have seen some pretty tough businesspeople get very emotional while sharing their personal why. Business is life. And life is full of emotion. Being vulnerable and authentic unites everyone in a common cause and solicits buy-in at a deep, human level.


Get Your Team Excited

People get much more excited about the How when they clearly understand the Why.

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How The Great Game Changed A Culture and Business


Anthony Wilder #5
We were humbled and honored to be inducted into the Great Game of Business All-Star Hall of Fame. The Great Game of Business has changed the way we do business, but that is secondary to the sense of ownership, pride, and resilience that has come from playing The Game. Our team member’s reflections on how our work culture has changed say it best.  

The Change in Culture 

The Great Game of Business has given people the ownership they WANT, and the rewards they deserve. The change in workplace culture has driven increased engagement and satisfaction in everyday work, leading to increased pride in our business and bringing our clients an even better experience. 


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