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Springfield Business Journal  Features Tim Stack in 90 Ideas Publication

Jan 15, 2021

Springfield Business Journal is hosting nine local thought leaders on their podcast! Each of them are sharing their 10 best ideas to make up a total of 90 ideas that can be immediately implemented to improve any business. This year, they're bringing you their ideas via print, video and podcast. Listen to SRC Holdings, Corp.'s very own, Tim...

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Business Processes Simplified EP 73: The Great Game Of Business System with Steve Baker

Sep 29, 2020

Today’s Guest

Steve Baker

Steve Baker is Vice President of The Great Game of Business, Inc. Steve co-authored and voiced Get in the Game: How to Create Rapid Financial Results and Lasting Cultural Change. He also co-authored the update of Jack Stack’s #1 bestseller, The Great Game of Business – 20th Anniversary Edition.

Known for his engaging...

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Sep 8, 2020

A huge waste company truck pulled into the manufacturing complex of SRC Holdings Corporation in Springfield, Mo. Two men got off the truck and loaded four 55-gallon drums of used SRC diesel fuel onto the back of the truck, their work overseen by two SRC employees.

Because SRC uses an “open-book” management style, the two employees were well...

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3 Elements Of A Great Culture That Are Most Important Right Now

Sep 8, 2020

Kornel Grygo, CEO ofTasty Catering, is not panicking. 

Despite being in an industry hit hard by the global pandemic, many of the decisions he’s made over the last few months have been surprisingly easy. 

Kornel may only be a year into his role as CEO, but he’s no stranger to Small Giants-style leadership. Tasty Catering has long been an...

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It’s Time for a Reset — We Need to Change the Game of Business

Sep 8, 2020

Millions of Americans are out of work as a result of the pandemic. It’s not their fault. A growing number of small business owners have been forced to close their shops through no fault of their own.  

The combination of the virus, the ongoing social outcries, protectionism, and trade wars have rocked our great entrepreneurial nation’s very...

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How SRC Grew 2x in Value After the Last 5 Recessions & Saved $100M Preparing for the Next One

Aug 5, 2020

Episode #206 of The Intentional Growth Podcast

Hosted by Ryan Tansom


Jack shares how he increased the value of the business by 360,000% since he took a $100k loan in '83 and turned SRC Holdings into a company that now has 1600 employees and $600M in revenue by using open book management (now called the Great Game of Business).

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It’s Never Been More Important To Be Transparent With Your People

Jul 22, 2020

By Paul Spiegelman

“Our people are calm.”

In these chaotic times, it’s the goal of most leaders to create a sense of calm in the workplace. But it’s easier said than done, especially when our instincts in times of crisis might be to keep our cards close to the chest until we feel as though we’ve ‘figured it out.’ 

As much uncertainty as leaders...

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Crisis Response: Take the Fear Out of the Workplace

Mar 31, 2020

On March 29, 2020 Jack Stack was featured on the "Growing with Purpose" podcast with Paul Spiegelman to discuss a plan of action for business owners during this time of crisis.

Jack Stack is the Founder, President and CEO ofSRC Holdings Corporationand a pioneerof the leadership model known as open-book management.


The coronavirus pandemic...

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Nonprofit's Social Enterprise Boosts Workforce Efforts

Mar 3, 2020

Victory Mission recently launched a coffee packaging and distribution service that doubles as a social enterprise. The program helps Victory have a sustainable budget throughout the year, as opposed to relying on stretching the usual fourth quarter donations over the entire year, while helping participants get their lives back on track and learn...

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Vital Farms (A GGOB Company) — Featured in Small Business Spotlight

Mar 2, 2020

Company name:Vital FarmsPerson in charge:Russell Diez-Canseco, President & CEO (Austin, TX)Matt O’Hayer, Founder (Austin, TX)Carl Kicklighter, Egg Central Station Plant Manager (Springfield, MO)Year founded:2007

Describe what your organization provides for its customers:Our products are ethically produced and pasture-raised, meaning the...

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