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Induction Heat Treating Corp.

Company Background

Induction Heat Treating Corp. hardens steel products through the induction heating process for customers in the automotive, construction, agricultural, and military sectors. The company was searching for a solution to help improve profits.

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Stalcop, LLC

Company Background

Stalcop is a manufacturer of cold-formed metal with a special expertise and focus in copper components. They were looking for a way to re-engage their employees by creating transparency, opening new lines of communication and repairing damaged customer relationships.

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Kiolbassa Provision Company

Company Background

The company is a fast-growing craft manufacturer of authentic premium sausage and food products. As the demand for its products have soared in recent years, the rapid growth strained the systems the company had been relying on.

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West Paw Design

Company Background

West Paw Design is a world-class manufacturer of eco-friendly and high-quality pet toys and beds based in Bozeman, Montana. The company wanted to find a way to distribute leadership and decision-making to all of its associates.

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SRC Electrical

Company Background

SRC Electrical, which re-manufactures starters, alternators, and generators for the agricultural and construction industries, has been playing the GGOB since its start as a joint venture with Case New Holland back in 1991. Over time, and especially after the company became entirely owned by SRC in 2009, SRC Electrical has become one of open-book management’s most prominent evangelists. Today, it serves as a showcase for visitors interested in learning how to play the GGOB from the best of the very best.

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Kiolbassa Provision Company

Company Background

The Kiolbassa Provision Company is a 65-year-old family-owned manufacturer of hand-crafted sausage based in San Antonio, Texas. Originally started as more of a pork and beef processor, the company shifted into making sausage fulltime under the guidance of president Michael Kiolbassa, whose grandfather started the company. The company’s sausages will soon be sold in all 50 states and in Mexico.

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Argent Tape & Label

Company Background

Argent Tape & Label (ATL) is a manufacturer in Plymouth, Michigan, which produces pres-sure-sensitive labels used by industrial customers in the automotive, pharmaceutical and consumer industries.

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Texas Air Composites

Company Background

Texas Air Composites, Inc. is an award-winning “overhaul” facility that repairs the sheet-metal, composite, and welded structures of airplanes for commercial and regional air carriers. Its clients include Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, Comair, SkyWest, Air Wisconsin, America West, Frontier Air, Cathay Pacific, Mesa Airlines, and WestJet. The five-year-old company has 72 employees (largely in sales, operations, engineering, purchasing, information technology, quality, and administration) and generates annual sales of $10 million.

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NewStream Enterprises

Company Background

NewStream Enterprises, an SRC company that has been playing the Game since its birth in 1990, provides customized product-flow management services to manufacturing companies large and small. Its 60 employee-owners label, pack, store, control, and ship customers’ products all over the world. Today, NewStream (Springfield, MO) generates annual revenue of $37 million.

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Laron Incorporated

Company Background

Laron Incorporated, a $16-million, full-service, world-class machine and repair shop, serves regional utilities, power plants, global mining companies, and other large industrials that need “super-size” field and shop equipment repair work. The company’s 90 skilled (hourly) craftsmen weld, grind, mill, fit, install, survey, align, drill, rig, repair, test, and more. They’re based in Kingman, AZ.

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