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When CEOs Behave Badly

Loren Feldman


This week, our conversation starts with Shawn Busse and Jay Goltz trying to understand why CEOs keep going viral for their misguided attempts to rally the troops. Shawn suspects CEO screeds have always existed—they just haven’t been recorded. He also thinks they tend to come more from public company CEOs who are beholden to shareholders. Jay thinks they’re just morons. “I really don’t understand how someone could be smart enough to run a big company like that,” he says, “and be so completely ignorant. It’s shocking to me.” Of course, CEOs of both publicly owned companies and privately owned companies do have to do unpleasant things sometimes, but Shawn and Jay say they’ve learned from their own experiences handling layoffs and recessions. “Do we have to go out of our way to be callous about it?” Jay asks. “I don’t think so.” Plus: the very different ways Shawn and Jay manage their hiring processes. Oh, and, what would happen if Jay applied for a job at Shawn’s business?

Dealing with Layoffs

The Great Game™ Team
Dave Scholten, International Business Coach with The Great Game of Business,  dives into a difficult subject, layoffs. He discusses with Steve Baker the best way to approach layoffs and how honest communication is the best way to talk with your team.

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GGOB + 21 Hats-1

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