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Can I Go Dig a Hole?

Loren Feldman


This week, Liz Picarazzi, Jennifer Kerhin, and Sarah Segal talk about whether they ever wish they could go back to their corporate lives. For Liz, there was a period during the early days of COVID. For Jennifer, it was when she made the transition from a consulting business to an employee business. These days, none of them can imagine going back—although Sarah did have a rough week recently when she lost two clients. “It’s just the way of the world,” she tells us. “When businesses are looking to cut costs, it’s outside agencies that go first. But when it’s two of your largest clients in the span of a week, it’s like, ‘Really? Can I go dig a hole, put myself in it, and just stay there forever?’” What she’s actually doing, as we discuss, is figuring out some new ways to attract more clients. We also discuss whether everyone needs a business plan and whether the three owners ever wonder if someone else would do a better job running their businesses.

— Loren Feldman

Permission to Win

Doug Austin

Doug Austin, Leader of Austin Amplifies, discuss with Rich and Steve the challenges of implementing the Great Game of Business in a professional service industry, Doug's advice to leaders trying to Change the Game in their industry, and Doug's new book Permission to Win.

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GGOB + 21 Hats-1

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