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We Haven't Signed a New Client in Eight Months

Loren Feldman



This week, we meet Jaci Russo, the co-founder and CEO of BrandRusso and the latest addition to the 21 Hats Podcast team. Jaci tells Jay Goltz and Laura Zander how she went from working for Barry Diller to starting her marketing agency. Jaci also explains why she recently decided to introduce a four-day workweek and why she thinks her agency has now gone eight months and counting without signing up a new client—the longest such stretch in more than 20 years in business. “I find it interesting,” responds Jay. “You just said this is the first time you’ve ever had such a long period without new business. And, ‘Oh, we went to a four-day workweek.’ Hmm, how interesting.” Plus: Laura talks about what happened when venture-backed competitors came for the knitting industry and how stressful it is to buy and operate another business in another state.


A Baby Boomer and Millennial Talk Competition

The Great Game™ Team
Jack Stack and Brandon Lockhart highlight the baby boomer vs millennial perspective on what is competition, teaching people how to win, and how do we handle the loss.

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GGOB + 21 Hats-1

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