What's the Next Level of The Great Game®?

The Great Game of Business® methodology emphasizes the importance of sustaining a dynamic state in which your company is continually fine-tuning its processes and procedures. Business coaches work closely with members of The Great Game® community to support that approach and help them advance toward their business goals. Events, workshops, and training exercises are designed to enable ongoing improvement and progress evaluation for organizations at all levels of implementation.

Events for Every Level

Discover the Game

This is our introductory workshop. You will be challenged, engaged, and educated around The Great Game methodology. You will learn about the Critical Number, the core driver of your business today, and how aligning your team around this number will transform your company. Steve also shares the myths and misconceptions of open-book management and guides you through exercises that you can use immediately to engage your team. 

The Get in The Game Course

The Get in the Game Implementation Course is a 120-day program designed to equip you and your team with the same tools, practices, and know-how our coaches use to implement The Game. You too can experience rapid financial results and lasting cultural change in your business. With this online course, you will get the full 10-step implementation course, three live coaching sessions, two live training sessions, six live group sustainability sessions, four live one-on-one coaching sessions with a personalized coach chosen specifically for you, along with hundreds of online resources in our online community.


High-Involvement Planning Workshop

Created as an advanced training workshop for experienced practitioners, this session assists those who are looking to implement and sustain a High-Involvement Planning process that constantly involves their entire organization in the development of strategic goals.

The Great Game of Business Conference

This event is a chance for the worldwide Great Game community to come together to network, learn, share, and celebrate the principles of open-book management and The Great Game of Business. Each year, hundreds of practitioners connect to meet other members and get inspired by all-stars who are playing The Game.


The Great Game of Business Online Community

Our online community is a gathering place modeled after the experience found at our Great Game of Business Annual Conference, where practitioners make valuable connections, learn from others in the GGOB communityfind inspiration and support, and energize their Game.  

Inside this membership community, you will find hundreds of resources and tools to help sustain and improve your Great Game practices throughout your organization, train your team members, and receive support for specific problems you come across as we work to maximize The Game. 


In addition to our workshops and conferences, many Great Game practitioners have ensured that they take their company to the next level by working with our coaching staff. Our business coaches are experts in the deployment of best practices and have extensive experience in working with businesses to ensure year-over-year progress.