What Is Our Team's Role in the Process?

The Great Game of Business® is both an operating system and a group of experts who help your organization implement the methodology. We act as your guide throughout the implementation process and beyond, and our goal is to help your organization grow and enjoy continual prosperity, powered by an engaged workforce.

How We Help Businesses

Using a wide variety of resources, the first step is to help you define and fully understand the problems you face. Then identifying what type of organizational changes may be required to overcome those challenges. Next, you determine if you need a coach or if you would like to learn the process and implement it yourself. Either way, we introduce you to a new way of doing business, using our time-tested business methodology, which has a proven track record of helping solve complex business problems.

Be Part of a Like-Minded Community

One of the most powerful resources that The Great Game of Business provides is a community of like-minded business owners and leaders who are on a similar journey to create a better workforce, improve their operations, and gain a competitive advantage in their market. This community meets at events, on-site and virtual training sessions, workshops, and our online membership community in order to learn and to contribute to the collective body of knowledge by sharing details about their unique challenges, experiences, and progress toward objectives.

 Need_A_Business_Coach_300x300Coaches Guiding You Every Step of the Way 

Great Game® business coaches work one-on-one with you to guide you through the implementation process. This involves collaborating with you to take the concepts you learn from our free online resources and live events and integrating them into your business environment.

We teach you how to open the books, share financial information with employees, and identify the Critical Numbers for your business. We also explain how to play MiniGames, keep a scorecard, set up team Huddles, perform forecasting, design a bonus plan, perform contingency and succession planning, and conduct High-Involvement Planning.