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Let us Train Your Team at the GGOB Headquarters

Join Us For a Great Game of Business® Event

Dive head first into The Great Game® and open-book management! Learn from Great Game practitioners, see personally how The Great Game of Business® has helped many other companies in a position just like yours.

Join us at the Great Game headquarters in Springfield, MO for hands-on training workshops designed to introduce and reinforce basic components of the Great Game of Business to your team's line-level employees, team leads, supervisors and managers.  Take advantage of these workshops as you first implement GGOB, to get new hires up-to-speed, or for key players that need some extra coaching.

All these courses are offered on the dates below, at our facilities in beautiful southwest Missouri. Prices do NOT include lodging or transportation.  To register, contact Rhonda Chapman.

We can also bring any of these workshops to YOUR location, providing a customized experience for your whole team.  Check out our Onsite Training page for more information.

Basic Financial Literacy Training:

Developing basic financial literacy at all levels of a company is the first step toward helping individual employees realize how their decisions impact the bottom line. Basic Financial Literacy workshops are designed to educate employees on the key financial metrics of a business in a non-threatening way. This is achievable using plain-language and easy-to-understand examples.

In this course, participants will be guided through a real-life scenario of starting a YoYo business, including the realities of borrowing capital, repaying loans and monitoring cash flow, as well as understand the fundamentals of the income statement, cash flow statement and the balance sheet.  Applicable to all industries, but example company is manufacturing.

$295 per seat

March 13 - 8am to 11:30am
November 20 - 8am to 11:30am
*maximize your travel and join us in the afternoon for our MiniGames Workshop

Huddle and Scoreboarding Workshop:

You’re hosting regular company Huddles and you’re trying your best to educate your team on how your company’s scoreboard works... but you still feel like you’re only going through the motions.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone show you what you can do to really get your team in The Game?

One of the key elements of The Great Game of Business is Following the Action and Keeping Score. That’s what our Huddle and Scoreboarding Workshop is all about. This training will teach you how you can develop simple scoreboards that will help your team understand the value and purpose of keeping score. Let us show you how you can have the most effective team Huddles and keep everyone’s eyes on the same goal.

$395 per seat

February 20 - 9am to 2pm (lunch provided)
August 21 - 9am to 2pm (lunch provided)

MiniGames Workshop:

MiniGames are like mini-incentive plans; they’re a way to motivate employees day to day to make improvements that will add up to year-long success. When implemented correctly, MiniGames are proven to drive results, increase business literacy, build teamwork and create an environment where winners are recognized and rewarded for generating results.

During this workshop, participants will learn the guidelines for an effective MiniGame and apply that knowledge directly by working in teams to design and build their own MiniGames.  Get the skills and tools you need to correctly implement this crucial component of the The Game in this highly-interactive training session.

$295 per seat

March 13 - 1pm to 4:30pm
November 20 - 1pm to 4:30pm
*maximize your travel and join us in the morning for our Basic FInancial LIteracy Training

Ca$h2Ca$h™ Business Simulation:

If each of your employees knew the difference between profit and cash, how would their behaviors change and how much would that add to your bottom line and cash flow?

Great Game’s “Ca$h2Ca$h” Business Simulation is a board-based training that emphasizes the importance of cash in a business and helps participants understand their role in managing and improving cash flow. This hands-on course will help participants understand the daily cash challenges experienced by departments such as purchasing, production, sales, collections and finance. The simulation is based on the Ca$h2Ca$h cycle - the difference in days between when you paid cash and received cash. Participants in this course will see the end-to-end business process at work and come to understand the cause and effect of the cash cycle, as well as how the cycle can be reduced.

$495 per seat

February 13 - 8am to 4pm (lunch included)
October 16 - 8am to 4pm (lunch included)

ProfitAbility™ Business Simulation:

If each of your people thought and acted like a business owner during their working day, how much would that add to your bottom line and cash flow?

Great Game's ProfitAbility Business Simulation is a board-based training that brings to life the essential know-how needed to run any business. This interactive
course teaches people exactly how profit is made, how cash flow is affected and how each individual can make a difference.  Participants compete in teams to run the most successful business, navigating through the monthly sales and delivery cycles and focusing on the decisions that really matter - those that impact the financial success of the business.

During this course, teams will use business acumen and strategy to make every decision a business owner would make: how to price their products, which contracts to compete for, how much stock to buy, how to finance investments and how to pay suppliers.

$495 per seat

April 17 - 8am to 4pm (lunch included)
August 14 - 8am to 4pm (lunch included)

Contact Rhonda for more information and to register for these training events!