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The GGOB business coaching program is one of a kind, offering personalized coaching services from fellow business executives, CEOs, and entrepreneurs with years of professional experience within your industry, encompassing everything from manufacturing and distribution to retail. 

Our business coaching services show you how to leverage a proven business management system that has helped companies boost profitability, improve employee quality of life, and positively transform workplace culture for over 40 years.  

It's all based on a simple belief:

“The best, most efficient, most profitable way to run a business is to educate everybody on how the business works, give them a voice in how the company is run, and provide them a stake in the financial outcome, good or bad.”

Top Business Coaches with Worldwide Credibility

In recent years, The Great Game of Business® transformative approach to business, rooted in opening the books, has been celebrated in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine®, and The New York Times; featured on MSNBC and PBS NewsHour; selected as one of the "100 Best Business Books of All Time" by 800-CEO-READ; and chosen as the "#1 Most Innovative Business Practice" by Inc. Magazine.

Our business coaching system is uniquely tailored to you and your business. You are paired with a coach that suits your temperament and holds experience in your industry, be it manufacturing, construction, retail, or otherwise. 

Maximize Your Company's Potential for Success

Join this Great Game of Business community of 25+ year practitioners and top business coaches with proven results, resources, support, eLearning, training, events, and conferences. 

Our coaches will partner with you and your team to improve culture, have fun, reduce turnover, educate and empower employees, give your employees a purpose, improve morale and motivation, and increase employee performance to impact your organization’s bottom line and profit.

When practicing The Great Game of Business (GGOB), the breakthrough comes when companies shift from focusing on an event (bonus plan, financial literacy program, etc.) to using GGOB as a business operating system to run their organization.

GGOB is a system, a pattern, a strategy, and a way of thinking.

If you want to fully leverage the power of The Game, you must treat it as a system and persistently work within it. 

The purpose of our business coaching services is to help your team learn, implement, and sustain the GGOB system.

Benefits of Hiring a Business Coach

Our promise is Rapid Financial Results and Lasting Cultural Change™.

We'll help you clarify your company's vision, mission, and goals. Chart a clear pathway to success with actionable steps tailored to your unique situation. Experience a fully customized coaching experience. We pair you with the right type of coach based on your individual needs. 

Alternatively, we give your employees the opportunity to become coaches themselves and train your whole organization from within.

How Our Business Coaching System Works


Full implementation includes the following levels:

 Coaching Levels

Our executive business coaching support begins with Level One: Getting Started | Design The Game. The objective of Level One is to help your team not only learn how the game of business is played, but also apply your learning through the design of your own Game.

Here's What First-Level Coaching Includes

  • Great Game of Business Overview

  • GGOB Practice Assessment

  • Financial & Cultural Assessment

  • Financial Literacy Assessment & Training

  • Path to the Critical Number

  • Act on the Right Drivers

  • MiniGame Design

  • Top-Level Scoreboard Design

  • Stake in the Outcome Design

  • Huddle Design – Management/Design Team

  • GGOB Leadership – Management/Design Team

  • All Team Launch

How Long Will it Take?

Although specific on-site dates and times will be determined, the process will take approximately 90 days, including 3–4 days on-site and weekly business coaching conference calls.

Additional Business Training Options:

Included in a coaching agreement will be Financial Literacy Assessment & Training for your management/design team. The management/design team will be the team your high-performance business coach works with to design your company's Game. The training that is selected will be based on your industry and company structure. 


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3 Paths to Coaching with Great Game

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Licensee Coach

Our Licensee Coaches are professional coaches who have an active practice of their own and already have a client base. You will work your own leads and we will provide backend support when needed. 

Annual Licensee Fee 

Contract Coach

Our Contract Coaches are former practitioners of The Great Game of Business. We will drive leads for you and will provide backend support.

Revenue Split Model 

Internal Coach

Our Internal Coaches are current practitioners of The Great Game of Business. You will drive sustainability and growth for your organization with the support of The Great Game of Business.

Small Annual Fee/No Revenue Expectations 

Start a Conversation with a Coach

 30-Minute Coaching Call

Ideal Candidate for Coach Certification

The Great Game of Business is committed to building a first-class community of value-based, forward-thinking, results-oriented coaches. Through our coaching, professionals that are open to new ideas and are willing to spend time helping their businesses will be introduced to a new business operating system that provides a proven strategy based on a simple belief: “The best, most efficient, most profitable way to run a business is to educate everybody on how the business works, give them a voice in how the company is run, and provide them a stake in the financial outcome, good or bad.”

Are you an ideal candidate?

You're a Cultural Leader in the Organization
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It’s time to become a coach! When you become a certified coach for The Great Game of Business, it proves that you have the experience and savvy to give potential practitioners the hands-on approach they’re looking for and can help them achieve their objectives as quickly as possible. Plus, you'll be officially endorsed by The Great Game of Business!

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  • An understanding of the Principles and Practices of GGOB
  • Key practices to engage and motivate your team going forward 
  • Exercises that you can do with your team immediately (Dollar Exercise & 90-Day Impact Plan)
  • Learn about self-funding, Gain-Sharing bonus programs
  • Learn how to gain trust and alignment through financial transparency

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