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New Year’s Resolution? Make. Some. Money.

Loren Feldman



This week, Shawn Busse, Paul Downs, and Laura Zander talk about why 2023 was so challenging for them and what they plan to do differently in 2024. “Last year was a year when I knew I was going to be making a bunch of investments and didn’t expect to show much or any of a profit,” says Paul. “And I absolutely nailed that goal.” Shawn, meanwhile, thinks his new marketing scheme is working, and Laura is addressing her issues by going shopping — shopping, that is,  for businesses. She’s now bought a total of six, and she offers a step-by-step guide to how even a relatively small business can grow through acquisition, including what she’s looking for (mostly companies in distress), how she sets a price (she aims to recoup her cash outlay pretty quickly), how she finances the deals (not with a bank!), and how she integrates her old and new operations (that can be a bear).

— Loren Feldman


Building Winning Relationships

Howard Partridge

Howard Partridge, International business coach, reveals how his relationship with Zig Ziglar changed his mind set and business. Howard will also tell you the number one thing a small business owner can take away from his years of experience as a Zig Ziglar legacy trainer.

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GGOB + 21 Hats-1

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