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Darin Bridges

Darin Bridges
Darin Bridges, Vice President of Coaching, has a unique skillset honed as an entrepreneur, executive, professor and long-time veteran of SRC. Prior to joining the Great Game of Business®, Darin spent 10 years, as the Vice President of Business Development at SRC Heavy Duty—the original “Living Lab” of the SRC family – which grew over 300% during that time period. Darin has spent the majority of his career in operations and supply chain for distribution and manufacturing companies ranging from privately held, fortune 500, and personally-owned companies. He credits his operational experience as the key to his success in business and strategy development. Darin has a business degree and MBA from Drury University. He has taught Operations and Marketing at Drury and Missouri State University. He credits hearing Jack Stack speak while in college and reading The Great Game of Business after it was first published as setting the direction for his career. Darin credits his bride, Michele Bridges, an Executive Trainer for Great Game®, for his quality, passion and length of life as well as that of his son, Isaac.

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People, Parts, and Profit

Darin Bridges

Darin Bridges, VP of Business Development & Coaching, joins Steve and Rich to discuss the three things that businesses are currently struggling with. Talent, supply chain, and the ability to make money in this environment. 

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Hosted by Rich Armstrong and Steve Baker the Change the Game podcast highlights true life stories of organizations influencing positive change by doing business differently. They’re teaching people how business works and closing the gap between the haves and have-nots. It’s capitalism at its best. Inside each episode, you’ll discover stories of entrepreneurs who are Changing the Game.

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