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Brian Underhill

Brian Underhill
Prior to joining the Great Game of Business®, Brian spent 20 years in the transportation industry. Many of those years were with a company practicing Great Game™. Within the fast-paced environment of transportation, Brian has held leadership positions in Human Resources, Recruiting, Safety, and Operations Management. Brian has always enjoyed learning and acquiring skills to help people work and communicate better together and has extensive training in group facilitation and conflict resolution. In his free time, Brian enjoys traveling with his wife Julie and children Drew and Claire.

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The Coaches' Table - May 25, 2022

Pricing & Shortages in Construction & Remodeling

Brian Underhill
Thanks for tuning in to our first episode of our segment, the Coaches' Table where we bring our Great Game of Business Certified Coaches together for discussions on industry-related hot topics. This episode features coaches, John Williams, Dave Scholten, and Kevin Walter, as they discuss specific challenges their clients in the construction and remodeling industry are facing today. And their recommendations for tackling those issues and preparing for the future with the principles of Great Game.

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Hosted by Rich Armstrong and Steve Baker the Change the Game podcast highlights true life stories of organizations influencing positive change by doing business differently. They’re teaching people how business works and closing the gap between the haves and have-nots. It’s capitalism at its best. Inside each episode, you’ll discover stories of entrepreneurs who are Changing the Game.

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