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We believe businesses have the potential to make a positive difference in the world. They can empower people to pursue their dreams and benefit our society as a whole. We want to demystify business. Breakdown the walls and hype that make business an elite sport for the select few that keeps everyone else in the dark and out of the money.

 That’s capitalism at its best.

Tune in every Friday at 11 AM CDT to The Great Game Podcast to hear practitioners and their employees, coaches, and experts talk about how businesses can reimagine capitalism!

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May 22nd:

Live Recording with Ari Weinzweig_5.22.2020 (convert-video-online.com)

Ari Weinzweig
Zingerman’s Community of Businesses
Ari Zingerman

In 1988 Zingerman’s was instrumental in the founding of Food Gatherers, a perishable food rescue program, and continues to be a major supporter of the organization. Every year Food Gatherers delivers over a million pounds of food to people in need. Ari has also served on the board of The Ark, the longest continuously-operating folk music venue in America. In April of 1995, Ari and Paul received the Jewish Federation of Washtenaw County’s first Humanitarian Award for their community contributions. Ari was recognized as one of the “Who’s Who of Food & Beverage in America” by the 2006 James Beard Foundation. In 2007, Ari and Paul were presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award from Bon Appetit magazine for their work in the food industry.

Ari has written over 250 issues of the Zingerman’s newsletter, and has contributed to such magazines as Fine Cooking, Specialty Foods, Gourmet Retailer, and Food and Wine. He has received praise for his books: Zingerman’s Guide to Better Bacon, Zingerman’s Guide to Good Olive Oil, Zingerman’s Guide to Good Vinegar, Zingerman’s Guide to Good Parmigiano Reggiano, Zingerman’s Guide to Giving Great Service as well as his Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading series, which includes four volumes. His latest is Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading, Part 4: A Lapsed Anarchist’s Approach to the Power of Beliefs in Business, which was released in the summer of 201

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Friday, May 29th

Goal Analysis and Planning

  • Jack O'Reilly - a coach for The Great Game of Business, Inc. where he uses his 40+ years of business experience to help open-book companies implement The Great Game of Business®.

    Jack’s education is in industrial engineering. He and his wife, Sue, live in central Illinois, and have five grown children.

  • Dave Scholten - started his professional career in foodservice while in high school. The first half of his career was working for independent operations from East Lansing, MI, to Minneapolis, MN, to Washington, DC, and back to Michigan. He then gained national chain experience including a Managing Partner for Outback Steakhouse, GM positions with the Frankenmuth Brewing Company, Edwardo’s Natural Deep Dish Pizza, Cracker Barrel, and a multi-unit supervisor’s position for Big Apple Bagels, Big Boy, and Bennigan’s. He then worked for Gordon Food Service marketing team in Grand Rapids, MI, as the commercial segment manager, helping the GFS’s customers get the tools and solutions they needed to increase sales and control costs.
  • Kevin Walter - Great Game of Business® coach and practitioner, is best known in the Chicago area as principal for corporate catering and event planning company, Tasty Catering. He was a founding partner of this heavily decorated family business with honors including a Forbes Best Small Company in America, Caterer of the Year, Top Small Workplaces, Best Places to Work, and Psychologically Healthiest Workplace in the nation.

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