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Capture-Sep-08-2020-03-46-27-38-PMHosted by Rich Armstrong and Steve Baker the Change the Game podcast highlights true life stories of organizations influencing positive change by doing business differently. They’re teaching people how business works and closing the gap between the haves and have-nots. It’s capitalism at its best. Inside each episode, you’ll discover stories of entrepreneurs who are Changing the Game.

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John williams BW

Episode 20
I Hate my Job by John Williams

John Williams, Founder/President at Elucidate Resources

John Williams is a Great Game of Business Certified Coach.

In this episode, John dives into why people hate their job. Is it the company, their assignments, their co-workers, or their boss that make or break a job. 


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Episode 19
Navigating the Pandemic in 2021 with Nathan Fitzgerald, CPA

Nathan Fitzgerald, Private Client Services Advisor, BKD

Nathan Fitzgerald, CPA with BKD discusses the impact Covid has had on businesses and what to expect in the coming year. 

Jack Stack_2016 (2)

Episode 18
Greatness Comes from Looking Ahead with Jack Stack

Jack Stack, President & CEO of SRC Holdings Corp

Jack Stack President and CEO of SRC Holdings shares a story about a lesson he learned while watching a Saturday morning game of Little League baseball. 

corey rosen

Episode 17
4 Secrets of Survival You Should Learn from ESOPs

Corey Rosen, Senior Staff Member at National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) 

Corey Rosen from the National Center for Employee Ownership shares his thoughts on how companies can do things differently and really make a positive impact on their employees. 

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robert isherwood

Episode 16
Do You Play The Game Even When You Lose?

Robert Isherwood, CEO of AMBAC International 

Robert Isherwood CEO of AMBAC International shares the company's strategy of choosing to keep going even when the going gets tough. The team's tenacity and involvement with The Great Game of Business® have helped them remain innovative and connected as a team during high-stress times.

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Episode 15
Flattening the Economic Curve

Cindy Stein, Greene County Auditor 

Cindy was the driving force in inspiring a county to embrace transparency and develop a leadership system they call “The Great Game of Government.” Unlike other communities today, who might only now be realizing that a devastating second wave of the pandemic is headed their way—the economic impact stemming from our extended lockdown—Cindy and her associates immediately sprang into action when the pandemic first hit. Today she shares their story.

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dr david stern

Episode 14
When Winning is the Bedrock of Your Culture

Dr. David Stern, CEO of Experity talks with us about how he relies on his team's strong ownership culture as they move into supporting a national scale-up in COVID testing. He discusses how open-book management encourages a strong winning culture and how providing transparency on the company's financials and operating metrics helps the entire team understand how they impact the bottom line.

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Hook + Ladder

Episode 13
When Timing Is Everything

Caleb Clark and Tonny Lam, Founders of Hook+Ladder  The millennial-aged founders of Hook + Ladder saw Great Game as a path to help them reach their long-term goals & impact on their community. They made the bold move to began implementing The Game with their team in February 2020 RIGHT before the crisis struck. This is their story and why they believe timing is everything.

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Kevin Maugeraug - BIO

Episode 12
Why Be an Employee Owned Company?

Kevin Mauger, CEO of NCC Automated SystemsIn 2017, a dream came true when Kevin made a surprise announcement to the NCC team giving almost half of his company to the employees. He shares his story on how he determined it was time to become an employee-owned company in today's episode of the Change the Game Podcast.

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Episode 11
What is High-Involvement Planning? -Click to listen

Dave Scholten, Jack O'Riley and Kevin Walter - Certified Great Game Coaches  talk with Steve and Rich as they answer questions from the GGOB community and discuss the intricacies of High-Involvement Planning and explain why it's a crucial part of The Great Game of Business system.

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Jack Stack podium

Episode 10
Be Brave Enough to Make Bold Moves - Click to listen

Jack Stack, President & CEO of SRC Holdings Corp talks about what it means to make bold moves in business. He shares advice on how being more creative in business and deciding which paths to take all while making sure your employees not only understand the decisions being made but that they're part of the process.

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John williams BW

Episode 9
Don't Stop Selling - Click to Listen

John Williams, Great Game Coach  understands that knowing how to navigate sales during a pandemic can make even the most seasoned business owner's head spin. John shares his thoughts around why it's a good idea to continue to provide services and offering products EVEN during a drop in the economy and especially during a pandemic. 

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Michele Bridges - Headshot

Episode 8
MiniGames™ with Executive Trainer Michele Bridges - Click to Listen

Michele Bridges, Executive Trainer for The Great Game of Business, shares all about how businesses can utilize the power of MiniGames to engage employees and change their business.

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John Costello

Episode 7
Transparency and Leading Through a Crisis - Click to Listen

John Costello, CEO of Cherry's Industrial Equipment has a heartfelt story about what being transparent with his business has done for him and his team. Today he shares how he leans on the principles of open-book management to help keep the conversation going and how it's helped his team be creative during this time of economic crisis. John Costello presented his Great Game story live at the 2019 Gathering of Games Conference during his OBMx Talk on the mainstage. Watch the video here.   

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Ari Zingerman-1

Episode 6
Why Transparency Matters More Than Ever - Click to Listen

Ari Weinzweig, Co-Founder of Zingerman's Community of Businesses is a long-time friend of the Great Game of Business Community, Ari Weinzweig talks about why opening the books is so important...especially right now.

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Episode 5

Building a Culture of Business People - Click to Listen

Patty McCord, Co-creator of the Netflix Culture Deck and Netflix’s original Chief Culture Officer
At our 28th Annual Great Game of Business Conference, Patty McCord, gave her fun and exciting spin on building a culture of businesspeople.

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Kevin Walter_HeadShot C

Episode 4
Thinking Outside the Box - Click to Listen

Kevin Walter, Owner Tasty Catering and Great Game of Business Coach talks about how the crisis has affected the hospitality industry. He dives deep into how his team has been empowered to think and act like owners and how that mindset helped them stay creative and develop ideas to keep going in the wake of the pandemic.

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Episode 3
Open-Book Management is a Game Changer - Click to Listen

Elizabeth Wilder, President of Anthony Wilder Design/Build, Inc. talks about her experiences with managing her business and guiding her team through the ongoing current pandemic crisis. She discusses what it means to be a leader during these uncertain times and what her team has done to keep their focus on their "North Star".

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Episode 2
Keeping Employees Engaged During a Crisis - Click to Listen

Peter Reeburgh, Resort owner of Summit Cove Lodging in Keystone, Colorado shares his story on how his team used their knowledge of the business and the foundation of open-book principles to develop creative ideas around surviving the global pandemic. 

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Jack Stack_2016 (2)

Episode 1
Taking the Fear Out of the Workplace w/ Jack Stack - Click to Listen

Jack Stack, President and CEO of SRC Holdings Corp and The Great Game of Business talks about how using transparency and openness helped build the strategies SRC Holdings used to help take the fear out of the workplace in the wake of a global pandemic.

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