Can I Do It Myself?

Are you excited to see your team engaged? Ready to open your books, show your team what the numbers mean, and help them see how they can have a stake in the outcome of the organization? You're all in on the concept of The Great Game of Business, so... can’t you just do it all yourself? Absolutely! And we are always excited to hear how businesses have begun to transform themselves by becoming disciples of The Great Game of Business.

Sometimes, businesses start out self-implementing and later reach out to us for help and business coaching. The Great Game of Business® is here to act as a guide on your journey, hopefully saving you time and frustration. But ultimately, you and your team are the players of The Game.

We’re Here to Support You

Our Get in the Game Course is designed specifically for the DIYer. While you will be employing Huddles, MiniGames, High-Involvement Planning, and financial literacy training on your own, your assigned coach can provide insights and unique solutions as needed, based on our experience working with hundreds of other companies. In addition, there are ample opportunities to ask questions and learn new tips and tricks in our group sessions. All of these are included in the cost of our Get in the Game Course.

Founding the open-book approach in 1983 and implementing our approach to organizations in diverse industries, we have seen just about every challenge imaginable and are delighted at the opportunity to suggest solutions when the need arises. Let us customize a plan that works best for you. 

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Self-Implementors of The Great Game of Business

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“The truth is I never wanted to be part of operations—part of “the grind”—a person that scrambled at the end of each month to make numbers. But GGOB made me want to get my hands dirty and be one of the people who made a difference day in and day out. I get to be one of the people who makes a difference, and this gives me the meaning and purpose I’ve been searching for in my career.”
Alex Vazquez
Truck Finance & Operations Accounting Manager

“GGOB has been the perfect platform to allow our people to learn, teach, and share their knowledge about what makes business prosper and thrive. This also carries into their personal lives and business as well.”
Glenn Thoroughman

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“One of those most amazing things to see is how much different people put forth effort to make better financial decisions on behalf of the company and work as a team to accomplish that goal together. It really creates a culture of good collaboration, honesty, and accountability. From my perspective, it has pulled me into every department of the company to help make a positive financial impact.”

Billy Carter
Inside Sales