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Until You Take the First Step to Skyrocket Your Profit

The Get in the Game Course is a 14 week program designed to equip small, self-implementing companies with the same tools, practices, and know-how our coaches use to implement The Game. You too can experience rapid financial results and lasting cultural change in your business. 

One of the 2020 Great Game of Business All-Stars, 1st Pet Vet, focused on their Critical Number of Profit Before Tax for a full year. They increased pet visits by 13% which drove revenue up 20%. By better understanding and controlling the costs of running their business, the team made their profit skyrocket by 237%.


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How This Course Works

Get Your Team Engaged

Engage your team with On-Demand Courses and Trainings designed to help your team understand business and how they contribute to the overall success of the company.


On-Demand Trainings (1)


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Grow Your Company

Excel your business by taking the proper steps to get your team aligned and focused. Use our downloadable tools to establish company goals and create a plan for achieving them!

Includes Seats For Up to 3 People

Take yourself, and 2 other team members to the course introduction, all 7 cohort coaching calls, and the final coaching capstone call.

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Community Dashboard


Company-Wide Access to Our Online Community Site

While completing the course, your entire organization will gain select access to our online Community platform. Your team will be able to watch the same trainings and use the same resources you'll be introduced to during the course.

What You Get


training courses-1-1

These are our full training courses, including The Get in the Game On-Demand Videos, Financial Literacy, and MiniGame Training. 

Downloadable Resources

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Over 300 Downloadable Resources focusing on everything Great Game of Business from Critical Number to High-Involvement Planning.



Hundreds of pieces of inspiration in 12 Collection Categories. 


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Have you ever wanted to ask a technical question to an expert in implementing The Great Game of Business? In the community, you can do that.

10-Steps to Implementation


Walkthrough the 10-steps of implementation in a simple-to-follow way.

Also Includes

1 hour One-on-one
Coaching Capstone Call
Dave Scholten video
Attend a 1-hour coaching capstone call upon completion of the course. This call will help assess your business and determine the next-step right for you.
7 Group Coaching Sessions
Zoom Call
Meet with like-minded peers walking through the same course. Under the guidance of a professional facilitator, meetings will include instructional content, idea sharing, and accountability challenges.






I found this a very powerful course to get started especially for start-ups. For us to learn about how to make money and managing cash. This is the first thing I would recommend.

Alfred Davis Kharpuri Chillibreeze Solutions

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What Makes Great Game Companies Different

All Great Game™ leaders have one thing in common. They don't carry the burden alone. So why should you?

Don't just build a business...transform your people,  your business, and your life.




"Having an engaged team has made my job easier in managing the tactical part of the business and trying harder to stay ahead of the wave. "

- Tom Demaline, CEO, Willoway Nurseries



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Not A Fan Of Online Learning?

No worries! Let's find the right fit. Maybe our in-person workshop is better for you. 

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