The Great Game Experience – Regionals


The Great Game of Business is coming to you!

The Great Game Experience Workshops is designed to give you as much Great Game information as possible in one 8-hour day. You will get a full overview of what The Great Game of Business is all about and a good understanding of how open-book management is used to build rapid financial results and lasting cultural change. You will leave with the knowledge of how to get started with open-book management in your own organization. 

  • A Great Game of Business Overview
  • Full MiniGames™ Training Session
  • Great Game Practitioner Keynote
  • Live Practitioner Huddle
  • Employee Practitioner Q&A
  • Option for a Free 1-hour Coaching Session

Hosted at one of Great Game’s long-term successful practitioners, this workshop gives participants an opportunity to ask questions to employees who live & play The Game every day. Currently, The Great Game Experience-Regional trainings are expected to be hosted in California, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Event Cancellation Policy