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The Great Game® Experience Event

Immerse Yourself in Open-Book Management

Join Us For a Great Game of Business® Event

Dive head first into Great Game® and open-book management! Learn from Great Game practitioners, see personally how The Great Game of Business® has helped many other companies in a position just like yours.

The Great Game Experience Workshop was designed to pack as much Great Game® and open-book training into one 8-hour day as physically possible.

The Great Game Experience is hosted regionally at top Great Game of Business practitioner locations. The Great Game has hand selected the top players of open-book management to help us host these workshops and showcase how open-book has helped them take their businesses to the next level. 


  • Complete Great Game of Business Overview
  • Full MiniGames Training Session
  • Great Game Practitioner Host Keynote
  • Live Practitioner Huddle and Tour
  • Practitioner Employee Panel Q&A
  • Option for a Free 30-Minute Coaching Session

Participants will get a complete overview of what The Great Game of Business is all about. The idea of this training is to teach attendees how open-book management works and how they can use the principles and practices to build rapid financial results and lasting cultural change in their organizations.

Attendees will leave with a strong understanding of how to get started practicing open-book management as soon as they get back home!