It’s one thing to understand the principles of The Game, it’s another thing entirely to implement them into your organization. In The SRC Experience you learned the concepts; now put them to work. The Get in the Game Workshop will amplify your ability to successfully implement and sustain The Great Game of Business and open-book management in your company.

Attend the Get in The Game Workshop and leave equipped with the same powerful tools, practices and know-how our Practitioner Coaches use to successfully implement The Great Game of Business in organizations of all types and sizes.

Bundle & Save

Immerse yourself in Great Game culture & methodology (plus save time & money on travel) by arriving two days early for The SRC Experience. You’ll receive the introduction to Great Game culture, plus dive right in to the Great Game implementation process. Learn about “Methodology Immersion” discounts.

Cancellation Policy

Event Highlights

  • Learn the proven 10-step approach to Great Game implementation.
  • Hear our coaches detail a unique process for defining your Critical Numbers™.
  • Take home a “one page planning tool” to be used throughout the workshop to create practical, doable action plans.
  • Work through team exercises designed to improve your Huddle communication, accountability and forecasting skills.
  • Learn from company examples and case studies from practitioners.
  • Visit with Great Game Practitioner Coaches to get first-hand implementation advice.
  • Share ideas and challenges with entrepreneurs across a variety of organizations.
  • Learn to move from “sharing the numbers” with your people to them “sharing the numbers” with you
  • Leave ready to apply and sustain open-book practice in your own organizations.

Who Should Attend

  • Company leadership looking for the most effective approach to implementation.
  • Self-implementers searching for best practices and immediate takeaways to begin or refresh their open-book practice.
  • Internal champions charged with applying & sustaining open-book initiatives.
  • Seasoned practitioners looking for fresh insights and useful tools to re-energize their open-book practice.