About The Great Game of Business

Learn, Teach, Share, and Be Involved

The Great Game of Business Isn't for Everyone

If you’re not ready to learn, teach, share and be involved, The Game isn’t for you. If you have something to hide or want to use numbers and information to manipulate and control people, find another approach.

But, if you’re interested in improving results and the lives of the people helping drive those results, The Game might be exactly what you need.

What is Open-Book Management?

One of the many misconceptions about The Great Game of Business is that playing The Game is synonymous with being financially transparent. While transparency is important, sharing financials is only a small fraction of the entire process that makes up The Game. Read more

Our Leadership

Our leaders have lived The Game for years and have the experience to help business learn, implement and sustain the GGOB system. Read more

History of Open-Book Management

What makes open-book management (OBM) unique is that unlike most other business practices, OBM wasn’t born in a New York think tank or some Ivy League business school... it was forged on the factory floors of an engine shop in Springfield, Missouri called SRC. Read more


Read what our practitioners have to say about the philosophy of The Great Game of Business, implementing open-book management and the impactful results they’ve enjoyed after getting everyone on board with The Game. Read more