Act on the Right Drivers

Once your people know what’s critical to success, they must then understand what they can do to drive that success. Identifying the Right Drivers helps everyone begin to understand what they can do—both individually and as a team—to influence the Critical Number. It gives them line of sight from their daily actions and decisions directly to the most important goals of the organization.

Since at first many (or most) employees may not be familiar with reading and acting on financial information, nonfinancial drivers or measures are the key to teaching managers and employees how to connect their work to the financial outcomes of the company.

Getting people in every corner of the company to think about how they could move the needle is a matter of identifying the Right Drivers—in other words, the specific strategies that could be acted on to directly affect the Critical Number. Every department across the company—from sales to materials—identified its respective drivers, including enhanced inventory management, better buying, controlled capital spending, and improved shop efficiencies. When you get everyone working together, focused on the Critical Number, and acting on the Right Drivers, obstacles don’t stand a chance.




Line of Sight

Create line of sight, and ask people what they can do today to make a difference.

Line of sight is simply a clear, unobstructed view to a target. Whether you are a surveyor, sharpshooter, or businessperson, how can you hit a target you can’t see?

people support

Ultimately, choosing the Right Drivers is all about creating line of sight. After all, isn’t one of the primary objectives of GGOB to engage as many people as possible in learning and driving the business?

And how do you pick the Right Drivers to get optimal buy-in, commitment, and execution? Rather than cascade goals, targets, and metrics to your people, why not give them the education to align themselves to the most important goals of the business (the Critical Numbers)? 

Repeat our mantra: people support what they help create. Why not ask? People who set their own goals tend to hit them.

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