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2019 Case Study - Victory Mission

Victory Mission Logo

Location: Springfield, MO

2018 Revenues: $2.4 million

Employees: 35

The Critical Number™: Net Income / Revenue

Organization Background

Victory Mission + Ministry provides outreach and restoration to those in need. Persons can receive a day's worth of food at the food pantry, a clothing voucher for necessary items, and short- or long-term shelter. When they come for food, clothing, and shelter; Victory wants to develop relationships to encourage life change and restoration. Victory believes everyone has a name and a story and great potential. The ministry wants those in the restoration programming to live in a supportive community with high quality employment.  At Victory Mission, “Every life has Purpose!”


Change the culture by empowering the staff and teaching them to and manage the finances better. Many of the staff had no idea how the organization is funded.


Inspired by other non-profit success stories in Springfield such as the work done by Cindy Stein in the government offices of Greene County, as well as the what Katie Davis had done at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks, Jason Hynson, the executive director of the Victory Mission turned to The Great Game of Business® (GGOB) to help stabilize the organization’s finances.


Victory Mission continues to hit its stride. Thanks to playing Great Game™, Victory’s new budgeting process—which used to be run top down—now enables the entire staff to see and plan accordingly. Expenses are seen by each member of the team. The continued cost savings and growth allowed Victory to pay off their current warehouse commercial loan of over $356,000.


Victory could then focus more on impacting individuals becoming “productive citizens” and not worry about a vendor cutting off a line of credit. The team also understands how its social enterprises must make money or they need to be cut. “Donor dollars will not supplement what was once a ‘good idea,’” says Hynson. For example, Victory closed its Thrift Store operation in 2018—and the staff knew why. At one point, a staff member raised the question after the huddle: “I don’t understand why we are operating the Thrift Store if it cannot support itself.” “Fixing the finances is building trust with the community of vendors, Victory staff, and allowing the ‘business’ to work," says Hynson. “It’s about understanding how each smaller income and expenses fits in the whole picture. We also came together as a team: one that will win or lose together. GGOB is transforming the culture to one of openness and community."


“The GGOB allows us to connect all the pieces of who’s doing what. Which in turns allows us to contribute to the process. And the incentive program will and does give extra weight to make the organization run more efficiently.” ~Rita Chambers, HR Director and Executive Assistant


MiniGame™ Spotlight:

Victory has admittedly struggled to implement successful MiniGames, especially from the bottom up. Getting better at finding opportunities to kick off games to tackle challenges and improve habits is a goal for the staff going into 2019.


“GGOB is a powerful weekly huddle for doing battle in the ministry.” ~ Brian Barkhoff, Recovery Chaplain / Case Manager


What’s Next?

Victory continues to evaluate programs and operations, such as closing the Thrift Store, which has opened up new opportunities and new staff to see new income streams. Victory’s progress has continued, helped in part by a large estate gift, which has helped augment their much-needed cash reserves. Moving forward into 2019, Hynson sees opportunities to continue the team’s financial literacy education, especially for new staff members who have joined the team, in combination with a new incentive program they have rolled out to reward the team if they surpass their goals. “We value everyone in this organization,” says Hynson, “we recognize that every team member has so much value to bring, especially in a transparent culture that the Great Game helps create.” New opportunities, like "For Victory, a coffee company", continue to show Victory Mission will seek to innovate with social enterprises to enhance workforce development and impact to the community.


“As an employee of Victory Mission for almost two years now, it amazes me how we are able to offer our employees a new incentive program and Simple IRA Matching fund. I have not worked at a job in seven years that offered a retirement program so this is my first one in that amount of time. For me to be able to have a retirement account and know my employer is matching the amount of funds that I put into it is a very rewarding experience. We couldn't have done that without GGOB!” ~ Janelle Reed, Community Engagement Manager

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