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Kiolbassa Provision Company

Company Background

The company is a fast-growing craft manufacturer of authentic premium sausage and food products. As the demand for its products have soared in recent years, the rapid growth strained the systems the company had been relying on.

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Tasty Catering

Company Background

Tasty Catering began as a fast-food hot dog stand called Tasty Dawg more than 25 years ago. Founded by a trio of entrepreneurial brothers, Tom, Larry and Kevin Walter, the company, which is based in the Chicago suburb of Elk Grove Village, Illinois, now serves up tasty treats at weddings, corporate meetings and conferences, social events, residential parties, special events, holiday parties, outdoor picnics, and more. Beyond its great food, Tasty has also garnered dozens of awards for its outstanding company culture.

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Pizza Gallery & Grill

Company Background

It was back in 1989 that Chris Conneen, then 21 years old, started his business, Pizza Gallery & Grill (PGG) in Melbourne Beach, Fl., after he had what he calls, “an entrepreneurial seizure.” But it wasn't for another 20 years until Conneen, whose 260-seat restaurant combines gourmet food with eye-pleasing art, learned about the GGOB from fellow culinary entrepreneur Nick Sarillo, owner of Nick’s Pizza & Pub in Illinois. “Learning about and studying the GGOB in 2009, the worst economic year in our lifetime, helped us get focused on the fundamentals of business – particularly how to generate cash,” says Conneen.

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Zingerman’s Community of Businesses

Company Background

In 1982, Ari Weinzweig and Paul Saginaw opened Zingerman’s Delicatessen in Ann Arbor (MI) to sell mouth-watering sandwiches and fine artisanal foods. Today, the $27-million specialty-food company consists of eight ventures: the deli, a bakery, a mail-order house, catering and training businesses, a coffee company, a creamery and a restaurant. Zingerman’s Community of Businesses (ZCoB) is run by 17 managing partners and 400 employees. It was named “one of the top 25 food markets in the world” by Food & Wine magazine.

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Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen

Company Background

The Macayo’s family-owned restaurant tradition began in 1946, when Woody and Victoria Johnson opened their first café in Phoenix. Today, Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen is an award-winning chain of 14 restaurants that ring up annual sales of $35 million. Its 1,200 employees have been playing The Great Game of Business since June 2008.

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McGinnis Sisters Special Food Stores

Company Background

McGinnis Sisters Special Food Stores has been a Pittsburgh institution since 1946, when Elwood and Rosella McGinnis opened a humble produce stand. Since then, their three daughters have transformed the mom-and-pop grocery into an $11 million purveyor of specialty foods—organic produce, homemade salads, fresh seafood, exotic cheeses, ethnic specialties, and prime cuts from its old-fashioned butcher shop. The stores, which employ 130, have earned several awards, including an Entrepreneur of the Year nod from Ernst & Young.

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