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2019 Case Study - SuperSuds Management


Location: Fredricksburg, VA

2018 Revenues: $7.3 million

Employees: 25

The Critical Number™: Net Profit % / Cash

Organization Background

The business owns and operates 26 different laundromats, all of which feature highly efficient large-load and high-speed washers and dryers, across four states on the east coast. 


“The Great Game of Business® (GGOB) has helped me to understand more about my work, save more money for the store and inspire me to try to reach my goals with SuperSuds.” ~ Erika Jiminez, Store Manager



Owner Robert Schwartz, who has a background on Wall Street, saw an opportunity back in 1996 to consolidate the widely fragmented laundromat industry. But as he acquired more locations across a greater geographic area, he realized he couldn’t run the entire business on his own. He also realized that many of the stores felt isolated and out of touch. As a result, Schwartz wanted to find a system that would not only tie his business together, but also give a greater sense of leadership and ownership to the associates running each location.


While he read The Great Game of Business years ago, it wasn’t until he went to Springfield to see Great Game™ in action did he fully appreciate how it could be the answer he was looking for. It was after a visit to his neighbor Liz Wilder of Wilder Designs, a GGOB Hall of Famer, that Schwartz made the move to hire a coach, Wayne Whitesell, to start playing the Game companywide in 2017.


The SuperSuds team has been playing Great Game for almost two years, and financial metrics are up across the board. Team engagements have never been higher, which has made a huge positive impact on customer service at the store level. Schwartz says that revenue growth for similar businesses in the industry averages less than 3% a year. In 2018, sales were up 6% at SuperSuds—and 2019 is already off to a bang with sales up more than 15%. “I attribute this remarkable growth to our engaged team and a mind shift towards a sense of ownership with ‘A Stake in the Outcome®,’” he says. “The effect of The Game has been unbelievable. For the first time, our store managers have realized that their impact on the customer experience has translated to higher store sales which means more bonus pay—a true line of sight impact has begun.”


“GGOB meetings have taught me more about customer service and how the business is run. Group meetings have also taught me to be more patient at work, home, and in my everyday life. Punctuality and how important my contribution is to the company are what I have learned as well.” ~ Ruthie Rodriguez, Store Manager


MiniGame™ Spotlight:

An example of a successful MinGame ran at SuperSuds involved a goal to get store operators to engage more with customers by encouraging them to take selfie photos with customers, which would then be posted to the company’s Facebook page. Every store that hit their targets were given the chance to spin a prize wheel. One store won the grand prize, snapping some 130 selfies over three months, which earned every employee in the store $100.


“The GGOB Huddles have changed my work life and taught me how to manage my own money differently. I have learned different things about how the company runs and how to save the company money. It’s also pretty good when the company does well, we are given a bonus!” ~ Pam Brown, Store Manager


What’s Next?

Up next for Schwartz in the coming year is to find a path to engaging his team in the strategic goal setting that’s part of the High-Involvement Planning™ (HIP) process to see where they think the company can go in the future. He admits that a few years ago, he figured he would eventually sell the business as part of his exit strategy. Now, because operating the business with the help of Great Game has become much more freeing, fun, and engaging, he’s excited to see how the business will grow in the years ahead. “I really enjoy operating the business now,” he says. “My personal journey with GGOB has led me from frustration and exhaustion to one of excitement, growth, and pride for our company and the culture that is being created. The future is much bigger for this business than I thought it was five years ago. Thank you GGOB!” 


“Being introduced to The Great Game of Business when I began my employment with SuperSuds Management has allowed me to more deeply understand the workings of how our company succeeds.  I do not just plug numbers in and out of accounting software.  I see the results of the employees’ hard work with making smarter decisions when ordering supplies. I see teamwork to take care of the company’s equipment.  And the sales grow with better customer service. It’s also been a great practice in my home life to better manage my own decisions that affect my finances.” ~ Carol Endreson Office and Accounting Manager


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