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2020 Case Study - Pregnancy Care Center


Springfield, MO

2019 Revenues:
$1.3 million

Employees: 15

Critical Numbers™:

Net Income and Number of Services 

Organization Background

Pregnancy Care Center (PCC) is a nonprofit organization that provides vital services to seven counties in Southwest Missouri. Since opening in 2000, PCC has served more than 225,000 young people with healthy pregnancy and relationship education services, at no cost to the individuals served. The organization is primarily funded by contributions from individuals, businesses, foundations, and churches within the community.


When Lisa McIntire joined PCC as its executive director in 2016 the organization was in dire financial straits and the culture was struggling. PCC had very little cash and the organization was using a line of credit to fund daily operations, like payroll. “I knew something had to change,” says McIntire, who is a CPA with a business background. She wanted to find a way to make the organization more sustainable financially so it could continue to fulfill its mission to the community.


McIntire learned about The Great Game of Business® (GGOB) when she attended a workshop in September 2017. She was intrigued. With the help of their coach, Katie Davis, the team decided to launch The Game inside their organization a year later.


McIntire says she noticed immediate improvement in several key areas inside the organization—especially when it comes to financial literacy, teamwork, focus, and in gaining momentum in areas where they had previously been stuck. “The healthy organizational culture, strong client service, and financial results motivate our entire team to continue playing Great Game™,” she says. “GGOB has helped me feel less stressed because I know that our whole team is focused on the right things and working toward the goals in the right ways. It helps me appreciate and respect my fellow team members even more than I already did.” The financial results have also been strong. Revenue has increased by 18%; net income has increased by 308% and PCC’s cash balances have increased 300%. “Four years ago, we had insufficient cash and too much short-term debt,” says McIntire. “Today, we have total cash of $420,000 and no line-of-credit balance. Playing The Game has had an incredible impact!”

“The culture at PCC post Great Game has become more engaging. There's a higher level of trust in both each other and in the leadership. By knowing where PCC stood financially and what kinds of challenges each month brings to the different team members, we have context when it comes to supporting each other's roles. In the same way, by knowing what obstacles the team as a whole and individually are facing, we can become more supportive of each other and proactive in contributing to solutions.”

~ Barbie Langston, Creative Services Coordinator

Spotlight on the Pandemic

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, PCC was forced to postpone its largest fundraiser—delaying a projected $400,000 in revenue as a result. PCC was designated an essential business in the wake of the pandemic—and most of its associates began working from home early on. GGOB helped keep them connected, though, thanks to the daily and weekly huddle rhythms they had already established. The organization’s healthy financial position also helped it weather that initial storm. “I am so grateful that we have been able to stay focused on our mission and serving our clients,” says McIntire. “While other non-profit organizations were in survival mode discussing layoffs, we kept all of our people on at full pay. The fact that they had a job was something our people were so thankful for.”

“Our culture has become more collaborative at resolving challenges. Each team member is engaged, even for line items that are not in their department. I notice a greater respect for one another because there is a common understanding of the role each team member plays to impact the mission and the budget.”

~ Denee Fay, Community Engagement Director

MiniGame™ Spotlight

MiniGames have definitely enhanced the team’s self-confidence and given them line of sight to how each of them could play a role in moving the organization’s numbers. During their first MiniGame on client awareness, for example, they wanted 100% participation and set some lofty goals.  Within the first 30 days of the MiniGame, they had met their 90-day goal—with only a portion of the staff participating. So, they decided to continue the MiniGame by adding new goals and encouraging everyone to get involved. PCC succeeded and ended the MiniGame at more than double their original goal.

What’s Next?

The pandemic has forced PCC to begin looking at new ways of servings its clients, such as offering virtual coaching and class options. The team is also working hard at improving the accuracy of its forward forecasts in light of having to cancel its annual fundraiser. “GGOB gives us the reality check and the confidence we need to move forward and know that we can, not only recover, but come out of this stronger than ever,” says McIntire.

“Great Game has made us more aware of all the departments and how we all work together for a bigger goal. We all work as a team for the goal of ourselves, our team, and our company. Without helping the team, we cannot help ourselves.”

~ Allison Forrest, Project Coordinator



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