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2019 Case Study - Argent Tape & Label

Argent T&L Logo

Location: Plymouth, Michigan

2018 Revenues: $7.4 million

Employees: 23

The Critical Number™: Sales 


Organization Background

Argent Tape & Label (ATL) is a certified Women-Owned Small Business that manufacturers pressure-sensitive labels used by customers in the industrial, automotive, pharmaceutical, and consumer industries.


Prior to playing The Great Game of Business® (GGOB), ATL was in serious financial trouble and was close to shutting its doors. Staff had been cut from 25 to just three fulltime associates. The company needed a way to get everyone working together to save the business.


Share information, the good and the bad, with associates so that every individual has a clear understanding of how they impact the company and which line items represent their performance and contributions.


While the financial results have been through the roof—revenue has grown 15% per year—the real impact of the playing Great Game™ has been on the culture of the organization. When visitors or new employees walk through the doors of the building, their most common response is: “You can feel the culture!” Playing The Game has changed how the associates at ATL think and act about their business: they are now empowered to think and act like owners. Associates are now engaged in understanding not only the bottom line—every associate owns a line on the income statement (P&L)—but also how each and every one of their actions affects fellow co-workers and their impact on the bottom line. This collaboration between co-workers fosters a better work environment where all employees are engaged for not only the good of the business, but for the benefit of each other as well.


“It’s amazing to be trusted with so much information. In previous jobs, the financial information was always treated as a big secret or like it would be beyond the normal employee’s comprehension. Understanding the business helps us feel like we all have a stake in what is going on and empowers us to make more informed decisions.” ~ Colin Burnard, Pre-Press Specialist


MiniGame™ Spotlight:

ATL has found that MiniGames have been effective at addressing multiple challenges inside the business, from continuous improvements, to tackling open tasks, and improving various efficiencies. One example is how one MiniGame generated more than 35 ideas from team members about how they could increase margins by improving efficiencies and reducing costs.


“It is refreshing to be part of a company in which members are engaged in creating efficiency and continuous improvements.” ~ Cathie Melvin, Account Manager


What’s Next?

While the ATL team has had success playing MiniGames, it has struggled at times to get everyone on the team involved in playing them—which is a goal for the coming year. The ATL team is also honing its High-involvement Planning™ process. In the coming year, the team wants to improve its contingency plans as part of its annual strategic plan by making it more detailed and specific on how they would implement those contingencies if needed. But the team is also closing in on the five-year goals they set back in 2015: to become a $10 million business by 2020.


“I think the Great Game is an exciting way to not only share your financial information, but also to change your company culture. When you share financials and are open, you show that trust is given and employees will always work harder for a common goal.” ~ Bekah Keehn, Account Manager.


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