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Ryan would like to share with you an MP3 of The Great Game of Business, Case Studies, and Training Bites you can start using today.

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Audiobook + Case Studies + Training Bites

We've gathered a few resources we think you might like! We've included an audiobook of The Great Game of Business, by Jack Stack — the book that started a business revolution by introducing the world to open-book management. You'll also find case studies from businesses in the landscaping and outdoor industry practicing The Great Game of Business, and training bites designed to educate and engage your team through financial literacy. 

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Get in the Game Course

The Get in the Game Course is a 14 week program designed to equip small, self-implementing companies with the same tools, practices, and know-how our coaches use to implement The Game. You too can experience rapid financial results and lasting cultural change in your business. 


Expect to Receive:

  • Seats for up to 3 people
  • Company-wide access to our online Community site
  • On-Demand training courses
  • Downloadable resources and collections
  • Ask-a-coach access
  • 7 group coaching sessions
  • 1 coaching capstone call


A Great Game of Business Certified Coach

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Ryan Markewich


Advisor/ Coach / Owner: Rmark
Founder / Shareholder:
Creative Roots Landscaping

Specialties include business audits, financial scoreboards, developing leadership team, and providing guided implementation of strategic planning & execution and succession planning.
Through my experiences, I have been fascinated by business and all it offers to improve people’s lives. From working on the shovel, business visioning, and everything in between, to now sharing my experiences through personalized coaching services, my goal is to help other owners work on their business, increase profits, and have more time for themselves while finding enjoyment along the way. To bring the best coaching experience to my clients, I have achieved my GGOB (Great Game of Business) coaching certification to expand on my 14 years of experience using their system to operate my own business.

● Founder/Shareholder - Creative Roots Landscaping
● 28 years experience in Landscape Design, Construction, and Maintenance
● Experienced GGOB practitioner since 2007
● Great Game of Business Certified Coach
● Frequent guest writer and podcaster with LMN (Landscape Management

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Podcasts With Ryan


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Looking for more content? Listen to these episodes from Ryan's podcast. Ryan Markewich from Creative Roots Landscaping talks all things open-book management and shares his experiences in how it’s transformed his company into a company of owners where all employees profit share, ultimately improving employee productivity and retention.


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