Can Employee Alignment Skyrocket Your Profit Over 200%?

One of the 2020 Great Game of Business All-Stars, 1st Pet Vet, focused on their Critical Number of Profit Before Tax for a full year. They increased pet visits by 13% which drove revenue up 20%. By better understanding and controlling the costs of running their business, the team made their profit skyrocket by 237%.


The Get in the Game Implementation Course is a 90-day program designed to equip you and your team with the same tools, practices, and know-how our coaches use to implement The Game. You too can experience rapid financial results and lasting cultural change in your business. 


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Go at Your Own Pace 

Walk through the 10-steps of Great Game™ implementation at your own pace.

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Access to our full-library of video and PDF resources to help with implementation and sustainability.


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What Makes Great Game Companies Different

All Great Game™ leaders have one thing in common. They don't carry the burden alone. So why should you?

Don't just build business...transform your people,  your business, and your life.


Having an engaged team has made my job easier in managing the tactical part of the business and trying harder to stay ahead of the wave. 
- Tom Demaline, CEO, Willoway Nurseries

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Over the past three years we have increased our employee engagement, knowledge of the company and our revenue (over 51%) by practicing open-book management!
John Martin, Caltex Protective Coatings

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The Get in the Game Course is a 90-Day implementation program with the DIY entrepreneur in mind.

Learn at your own pace and start implementing when you and your team are ready.