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Employee Ownership Month

Employee Ownership Month is held every October in celebration of all the benefits that come with being an employee-owned company!

While employee ownership is definitely something to celebrate, it can be a challenge to come up with ways to share this celebration with your team, all while maintaining a full-time job. That's why The Great Game of Business® is providing resources to employee-owned companies. We hope these resources will help educate your people on the benefits of having an ESOP, as well as spark some ideas for creating a memorable October celebration.

Check out our easy-to-use resources below—and join the entire ESOP community in this celebration!


Celebration Ideas

Celebrate Employee Ownership Month with these fun ideas!
  • Challenge your company's ESOP knowledge by hosting a company-wide trivia party.
  • Surprise employees with something special, whether it be food or a gift! (t-shirt, mug, cookies, jackets, cupcakes, etc.).
  • Hold a t-shirt designing competition and get shirts printed for the entire team.

  • Host a company barbecue and bring all your yard games! (ladderball, cornhole, horseshoes, etc.).
  • Have a happy hour during the last hour of the work day (could be on zoom or in-person).
  • Recognize all employees for what percentage "vested" they are in the company. Surprise them with different colored t-shirts for different percentages vested.
  • Order in food from your team's favorite lunch spot! During lunch cover some facts about ESOPs (use handout below).

Education Tools

Need help explaining your ESOP to your employees?

Often employees may not fully understand what an Employee Stock Ownership Plan is, and in turn, are unaware of the benefits they hold. Download these free handouts to help educate your employees on what it means to have an ESOP and how they help people build long-term wealth.

ESOP Terms

This handout goes over ESOP terms. Often, employees are unfamiliar with these terms and may have never been part of an ESOP before. This handout willl familiarize your people with the wording commonly  used around  ESOPs, making it a less intimidating experience.

Whats an ESOP

This handout goes over what an ESOP is, why a company would choose to use one, and how they work. This is a good way to introduce new employees to an ESOP, and serves for a good refresher for everyone else.




A Stake in the Outcome and White Papers

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Download Our Audiobook About Building An Ownership Culture

Download our audiobook for free! A Stake in the Outcome offers a master class on creating a culture of ownership. In this book, Jack Stack draws from his own successes and failures at SRC to show how any company can teach its employees to think and act like owners, including how to implement an effective equity-sharing program, how to promote continuous learning at every level of the organization, how to fire up employees’ competitive juices, how to broaden the concept of leadership and delegate responsibility for the business, and how to build a workforce that is fast on its feet and ready to take advantage of every opportunity.

Plus, when you download our audiobook, you'll also receive two white papers specifically written for employee-owned companies. One of them lists the 5 rules for building a true ownership culture, while the other discusses how to leverage employee ownership to build a company that will stand the test of time!

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Share Your Celebrations With Us!

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Visit our ESOP FAQs page for more resources!

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