Four P's in a Crisis

In this unprecedented time of crisis, many business owners and leaders are faced with challenges that only a few weeks ago were unimaginable. While some are facing complete shutdown of operations, others are operating beyond normal capacity. What all have in common are the uncertainties and the desire to not just weather the storm, but to come out the other side even more prosperous and grounded in business practices that allow them to thrive.

Regardless of whether you are a long-time practitioner or someone only exploring the benefits of The Great Game of Business®, we would like to provide the following resources to assist you in this new reality and the resulting economic downturn. We will be updating this page with additional resources over the coming weeks, and all of these resources are absolutely FREE... because we're all in this together.

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    Your goal should not only maintain an open-book culture and keep the communication channels open, but to double-down on your efforts to keep everyone informed of the constant changes that are occurring. 

    Taking the Fear Out of the Workplace

    Fear. Uncertainty. A growing sense of panic every time the president delivers a national address filled with increasingly bad news. Even with interest rates at essentially zero percent, the stock market (and 401(k) balances) continues to tumble. Chatter around the workplace is filled with questions like: Should I get married? Can I afford to pay my rent? Will I get sick? Will I have a job tomorrow?

    If you want to take the fear out of your workplace, consider taking the following steps:

    1. Embrace Transparency
    2. Discuss Your Cash Position
    3. Protect Jobs
    4. Get Ready for the Upturn

    Download Taking the Fear Out of the Workplace >>

    Personal Finance Survival Guide


    If you want to survive and grow, you needed to focus on maintaining positive cash flow.

    Cash flow is your Critical Number™ now. Period.

    Cash Flow Tips, Tricks & Hacks Checklist

    Download 90-Day Cash Plan Resource Guide >>

    • Tools to help you determine your cash position

      These Excel documents are designed to help you determine your cash position. Cash is a complicated matter and we want to set you up for success.

      There are two ways you can receive the Cash Calculator, 90-Day Plan Worksheet, and the Cash Scoreboard.

          • Request a free coaching call, so a Great Game certified coach can walk you, step by step, through effectively using the tools.
          • Watch the recording of the free webinar aired Tuesday, April 7, 2020 to learn how to use the tools effectively.

      Cash Calculator 
      90 Day plan screenshot short cash scorecard screenshot  

      As a courtesy to our community, the Great Game Certified Coaches™ have offered to donate their time to help clients and perspective clients through the 4 P’s.

      The call is of no charge to you and confidential.
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    This is the most critical time to stay diligent to the practices of The Game.

    10 Key Steps for Your Business to Survive a Crisis

    SRC has relied on these 10 steps not just to survive, but also thrive through four economic recessions. And the tough times we’re weathering today will be no different. The Great Game of Business was designed and built to help companies facing a crisis—just like many of us are today. This guide is designed to instruct or remind you of the importance of the following ten foundational steps in surviving and thriving in times of crisis:

    Step 1: Begin with the Right Leadership
    Step 2: Share the Why Before the How
    Step 3: Open the Books and Teach the Numbers
    Step 4: Focus on the Critical Number
    Step 5: Act on the Right Drivers
    Step 6: Create an Early Win with MiniGames
    Step 7: Provide A Stake in the Outcome®
    Step 8: Keep Score
    Step 9: Follow the Action
    Step 10: Sustain with High-Involvement Planning

    Download the 10-Step Guide >>

    Get in the Game - Free Audio BookGet_In_The_Game4b

    Download a copy of the recently released how-to guide for The Great Game of Business.

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    Looked at the recession or crisis as a way to encourage diversity and to position yourselves for future growth. Even in tough times, there are always significant opportunities.

    The Black Swan Action Guide

      1. How do you take the fear out of the workplace?
      2. What actions to take now.
      3. How to get ready for the upturn.
      4. Why there is no better time to remain committed to The Principles and Practices of The Game.

    Download Black Swan Action Guide >>