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Tom Hilmes

Certified Coach

Tom Hilmes

A long-time member of the Executive Staff for SRC Holdings, Tom currently serves as a Senior Coach and Executive for The Great Game of Business, Inc. Previous roles with SRC include CEO/GM for Ceramex North America, GM of the Great Game of Business, Business Development Manager for SRC Holdings and President of CNH Industrial Reman; a joint venture between SRC Holdings and CNH Industrial.

Since joining SRC in 1990, Tom has held leadership roles in seven of SRC’s subsidiaries. His experiences include operations, supply-chain management, finance, sales, and business development.

With a focus on economic development and job creation, Tom has served on several boards in our community including the Springfield Chamber of Commerce, Missouri State University College of Business, Missouri Enterprise, Mercy Hospital, and OTC’s Center for Advanced Manufacturing.

Tom holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Missouri State University and is certified in Production and Inventory Management as well as Resource Planning by the American Production and Inventory Control Society.

His daughter Lillian is attending Missouri State University pursuing her bachelor’s degree in fine arts.