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Michele Delcoure

Marketing & Partnerships Manager

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Michele Delcoure moved to Springfield, Missouri, in 1993, where she attended Southwest Missouri State University (Missouri State), earning her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, Graphic Design.

Throughout Michele’s career, she has never been satisfied, staying stagnant in her knowledge, striving to always better herself with every new experience. Her experiences have led her down the path of marketing in addition to design. Always fascinated by the “why?” marketing became the perfect fit for Michele in her career path. She has a natural sense of the big picture: the end goal and the steps to achieve success.

For seven years of Michele’s career, she worked in the social sector helping not-for-profit organizations attain their marketing and communication goals. These experiences placed Michele in a position to help our community grow through social change and grasp a full understanding of the ills that society battles daily with poverty, homelessness, and hunger.

The Great Game of Business­­® was introduced to Michele at her previous employer when they began playing The Game at their not-for-profit organization. Immediately Michele became fascinated with how The Game can facilitate change, real change for families in need of a hand up, not just a handout.

Teaching each and everyone in the company how money and business work also teaches them valuable skills they can use in their home lives to better their family situation.

Strengthening families is an essential value for Michele. Her family is moving toward the age of going out and conquering the world themselves, and she wants to make sure they have the best shot possible to be successful. Michele and her husband, Chris, have three children, ages 23, 20, and 16. Michele says, “It’s bittersweet seeing them get to the age of adulthood. On the one hand, you are so proud of their current accomplishments, but it’s hard not to miss them being little people.”

In Michele’s spare time, she keeps busy painting and spending time with her family hiking, kayaking, camping, and riding their ATVs. She believes life is meant to enjoy with the people you love the most.