The Great Game for Social Sectors

Greater Stewards  |  Enhanced  Sustainability

Helping public and nonprofit organizations adapt

the proven principles of Open-Book Management.



Event Location: The Great Game Offices – 2401 E Sunshine | Springfield, MO

The turnaround story of Springfield Remanufacturing Company (SRC) that began back in 1983 has become an inspiration to thousands of businesses around the world. The key was using the analogy of a game – with rules, a scorecard, and rewards for winning – to help explain to every individual in the company how they could literally impact the bottom line. That premise became the foundation for a management system that’s now known as The Great Game of Business (GGOB) and, at its heart, is all about financial sustainability.

While for-profit businesses of every size, shape and industry have embraced that powerful message over the past 25 years, the lessons learned at SRC have now spread into the nonprofit and public sectors as well. In recent years, leading organizations such as Missouri Southern State University (MSSU), Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks (BBBSO) and Greene Country, Missouri have all committed to embrace the open-book management principles taught by the GGOB as a way to improve their own financial sustainability by empowering their members and associates to step up and make a difference.

That's why the Great Game of Business, Inc. has expanded our offerings to help public and nonprofit organizations learn how to adapt the proven principles of open-book management to become better stewards and enhance the sustainability of their organizations.  The public and nonprofit sectors that have worked closely with Great Game Coaches have seen tremendous success.

Katie Davis of Dream Big Consulting leads the training for The Great Game Experience for Social Sectors

Event highlights:
  • Hear how Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks utilized the SRC story to become better stewards of their donors’ dollars and increase sustainability.
  • Learn the fundamental principles and practices of open-book management and the proven 10-step approach to implementation.
  • See the Game come alive by sitting in on a Huddle at an SRC company: watch as employees report and forecast company financials.
  • Learn from nonprofit, education, and government examples and case studies.
  • Share ideas and challenges with leaders across a variety of organizations.
  • Discover how The Game can be adapted to fit any organization.
  • Leave ready to apply and sustain open-book practice in your own organization.

Who should attend:

  • CEO/Executive Director/President of nonprofit, public, and government agencies
  • Leadership team members whose CEO is attending or already has attended
  • Board members

See how Greene County practices the Great Game of Government here.

See how Missouri Southern State University practices the Great Game of Education here.

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