Advanced Financial Literacy

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Advanced Financial Literacy

Transform the way your associates think about business!


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This new product is similar to our basic financial literacy workshops, where we lead attendees through the journey of starting a business. Customers have the option of starting either a service or manufacturing company based on their preference.


The main difference is that in our new advanced workshop, we will use YOUR COMPANY'S financial statements throughout the training rather than the simplified statements in our basic-level workbook. This helps employees gain a real-world picture of the financial situation of the business, connecting them to a truly deep understanding of the realities of the company, how the business makes money, and what their role is in helping reach profit goals. 



Work with a financial trainer to understand your company’s financial scoreboards. Learn how to best communicate & teach the numbers to your team so you can ask the right questions and dive deep into the stories behind the numbers.


Cover the following topics:

  • Review of Balance Sheet Basics
  • Effect of specific transactions on the Balance Sheet, Net Income and Cash.
  • Financial Statement Analysis (for your Company’s Financial Statements)*
  • Overhead development and allocation
  • Variance Analysis

If the workshop is being conducted in a multi-company setting, Financial Statements related to manufacturing (Yo-Yo) or Service (Sally’s) will be utilized.  The preferred delivery is to use a Company’s Financial Statements.


Duration: 4 hours long

Price: $5,000 for up to 25 people (Travel and related expenses will be charged to the client)


Can be delivered via Zoom.

Preferred delivery is in person for a better user experience.

Please reach out to us to sign up for this opportunity!

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