Are You Overwhelmed With Business Planning?

Don’t let business strategy get you worked up. This workshop takes the fear out of business planning by breaking it up into 10 easy-to-follow steps. In this 2 day workshop, you will walk through exercises and gain access to the necessary tools designed to help you develop a successful business plan and strategy. You too can experience rapid financial results and lasting cultural change in your business.

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10 Simple Steps




The Benefit of Ownership in the Plan

Support from all levels of the organization. (2)



The ultimate value of High-Involvement Planning is gaining ownership in the plan. If people don't participate in the planning process, they don't buy in. If they don't buy in, they don't commit. If they don't commit, they don't deliver. Involving the team in the early stages of planning shifts the mindset from "that's your plan," to "this is our plan."

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What you will Learn


Participants of the High-Involvement Workshop will learn our proven 10-step strategic planning process that is

market-driven and fosters planning participation, buy-in, accountability, and commitment to the plan.



What You Get

HIP - 2 days of training

This 2 day workshop is led by the President of The Great Game of Business, Rich Armstrong. Follow along as Rich walks you through multiple templates and team exercises.

HIP - Breakout Sessions

During this workshop, take part in  breakout sessions designed for you and your team to collaborate and interact with our planning templates.

HIP - 10-step strategic planning proceses

Learn our 10-step process for creating a successful business plan and company strategy.

HIP - Templates and Worksheets

Use our templates to help create short-term and long-term strategies for company growth.

HIP - Workbook

Walkthrough the 10-steps of implementation in a simple-to-follow way.




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Group Pricing (4+ people)

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* In July and October, we offer the Get in the Game and High-Involvement Planning workshops back-to-back.  If you register for Get in the Game, you will receive a code to save $395 off your High-Involvement Planning registration.


About The Speaker

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Rich has more than 30 years of experience in improving business performance and employee engagement through open-book management and employee ownership, with service as a consultant and as an executive at SRC Holdings Corporation, a 38 Year Employee Owned Company and one of America’s top 100 largest majority employee-owned companies.

Rich also served as the President of The Great Game of Business for 16 years, where he co-authored the update to The Great Game of Business 20th Anniversary Edition and his new book ‘Get in the Game: Creating Rapid Financial Results and Lasting Cultural Change’ with Steve Baker.

Rich has been instrumental in the ongoing development of SRC Holdings Open-Book Management and Employee Ownership practices through practical, “first-hand” experience leading several of SRC’s business units. This experience has enabled him to successfully apply the practices of OBM and Employee Ownership in both small and large-scale company implementations around the world. Rich is a passionate advocate for employee ownership and its unique and proven approach to bridging the gap between the “haves and the have nots”.

What Makes Great Game Companies Different

All Great Game™ leaders have one thing in common. They don't carry the burden alone. So why should you?

Don't just build a business...transform your people,  your business, and your life.

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