The Get in The Game Workshop

2 Day Event

The Get in The Game Workshop was developed to give participants an in-depth view of open-book management and how they can effectively play The Game in their organizations. Hosted at The Great Game offices in Springfield, MO, the birthplace of open-book management, this training is led by GGOB Coach & VP of Great Game, Steve Baker. Steve guides participants through two-days of impactful training sessions that include a detailed look at Great Game’s “10-Step Approach to GGOB Implementation”.

  • Visit the birthplace of open-book management
  • Deep-dive into the Best Practices of the GGOB
  • The “10-Step Approach to Implementation”
  • Offsite dinner with SRC Executives
  • Watch an SRC Company Huddle
  • Employee Q&A sessions
  • Option for a Free 1-hour Coaching Session

Participants will leave with valuable tools and practical planning tips that will benefit them during their open-book management journey. The Get in The Game Workshop is designed to teach participants how they can implement and successfully sustain The Great Game of Business in their organization.

Event Cancellation Policy