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The Great Game of Business can provide engaging speakers or trainers for your private events, conferences, association meetings and corporate training. We are the experts on open-book management and can customize our presentations to focus on the topic of your choice. If you are hosting an event, we’d love to hear more about it and see if our speakers would be a good fit. Simply submit a request and we’ll see how we can help. While we hope we can provide a speaker for your event, we must look at the location, time-frame, audience and content of the talk to evaluate if the event is a good fit for our team.

Common topics include:

Employee Engagement | Open-Book Management | Gamification | Business Transparency |  Driving Cultural Change | Rewards & Recognition | Incentive Programs | Bonus Programs | Business & Financial Literacy | High-Involvement Planning 

Though we teach open-book management, each of these topics can and have been modified to meet the needs of diverse audiences. Our goal in presenting these sessions is not to sell a product or service, but to ensure the audience leaves with a tangible takeaway; something they can use immediately to drive business results. Open-book management, as a whole, isn’t right for every company, but we’ve found that the below topics can be beneficial to businesses regardless of their level of transparency. If you have questions on how we might modify a specific topic to meet the needs & interests of your audience, please contact us.

Signature presentations:

The Game Overview: An Introduction to Open-Book Management. Companies that experience (or strive for) rapid financial growth often find that their culture is diluted in the process. The Great Game of Business is a management practice that supports both financial growth and the sustainability of a strong company culture. In this session, participants will learn about the origin of open-book management and gain insight into how it can be implemented within their own organization.

This presentation is ideal for participants who would like to learn more about implementing the business practices open-book management, transparency and gamification in their company. Participants will leave with a better understanding of the small changes they can make to better communicate company goals to employees in a way that is meaningful to them.

Engaging Employees with Self-Funded Incentive Programs. Everyone is motivated by a chance to win; learn how to design fun, fast-paced and engaging incentive programs to drive motivation, performance, and results in your organization.

We’ll show you how to design incentive programs that will involve and engage your employees in pursuing opportunities or correcting weaknesses in your company in 90-days. This type of incentive program has been proven to motivate employees day-to-day to make improvements that will add up to year-long success. During this workshop, participants will learn the guidelines for an effective, self-funding incentive programs and apply that knowledge directly by working in teams to design and build their own incentive program that can be implemented immediately upon returning home.

Introduction to Business Literacy. The financials are often the only report card in the company that shows the collective contribution of each and every department and individual in the company. So why not use them to bring people together? Business literacy is an important and powerful way to help employees understand business and their role in driving financial results. However, many employees shudder when they hear the words “business literacy” because many literacy programs are designed to resemble a CPA prep-course. In this course, participants will experience business literacy in a non-threatening way, using plain-language and easy-to-understand examples. Companies with business literate employees typically have employees who perform at a higher level and make educated decisions. Participants will leave with tools and techniques that can be used to provide common-sense business literacy training to employees upon returning home.

Motivating Performance with Rewards & Recognition. Recognition can be a powerful tool for motivating employees at all levels of your company, but only if they type of reward or recognition offered is meaningful to the employee. All too often, we assume we know what is valuable to employees; the result is wasted money and efforts. In this session, our expert coaches will teach participants the value of connecting rewards and recognition to achievements, choosing rewards that are incremental to achievements and (most importantly) choosing rewards that are meaningful and memorable. We’ll also discuss how no-cost recognition can be an important part of your employee motivation efforts. Participants will leave with tangible ideas to increase the value of their rewards and recognition efforts.

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