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It's Money. It's People. It's Both.

Capitalism in its traditional form is under attack. Solutions from both sides are extreme and unsustainable. There is a revolution going on in business; a movement that is teaching the have-nots how the haves make it. It’s about creating and distributing wealth equitably as a way to close those gaps in wealth that plague our society. It’s about changing the game. And it all started nearly 40 years ago at a company called SRC.

Get in the Game lays out the 10 Steps of Implementation for the open-book management, leadership and operating system first described in Jack Stack’s groundbreaking business classic, The Great Game of Business. In a study conducted on 20 years of data, companies who fully implemented the practices of The Great Game of Business consistently experience remarkable results, including doubling their growth, increasing profitability six times and tripling employee engagement.

Get In the Game

How to Create Rapid Financial Results & Lasting Cultural Change

By Rich Armstrong & Steve Baker

Though technology has evolved at hyper speed over the past hundred years, management styles have mostly stayed the same. The higher-ups make the decisions, and the employees grind it out, often without knowing the endgame. In 1983, Jack Stack created a new game: the Great Game of Business.

Get In The Game clearly explains the rules of the Game: to win, you must get everyone at all levels of the business as informed, involved, and engaged as the owner. This book offers a step-by-step guide on how to teach employees the numbers, show them the big picture, and let them have a say in the company’s future. The Game has already benefited tens of thousands of companies in every sector: Is yours ready to get in The Game?


“This is simply hands-down the best, most practical book you can read on how to make your company and your employees winners. And, by the way, that is not puffery. This book is just flat-out awesome. If I could waive a magic wand, I would have every ESOP company make this its playbook.”

-Corey Rosen, Founder, National Center for Employee Ownership

“If you have heard about ‘open-book management’ and are wondering what all the fuss is about, this is the book for you. Rich Armstrong and Steve Baker explain the simple but powerful method that will unlock your business’s potential for growth and profit.”

-James Ledbetter, editor-in-chief, Inc. magazine and


About Rich Armstrong:

Rich has nearly thirty years of experience in improving business performance and employee engagement through open-book management and employee ownership, with service as a business coach and as a current executive at SRC Holdings Corporation, a thirty-five-year old employee-owned company and one of the United States’ top one hundred largest majority employee-owned companies.

Rich has been instrumental in the ongoing development of SRC Holdings’ open-book management and employee-ownership practices through practical, “firsthand” experience leading several of SRC’s business units. This experience has enabled him to successfully apply these practices in both small- and large-scale company implementations around the world. He coauthored the update to The Great Game of Business—20th Anniversary Edition.

Rich is a graduate of Pittsburg State University and serves on the board of the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO). He cherishes his time with his wife, Alicia, and four children, Ryan, Ethan, Rylee, and Jackson. Rich’s guilty pleasure is making music in his home studio and playing in his ’90s rock tribute band.



About Steve Baker:

Steve coauthored Get in the Game as well as the update of the number one bestseller, The Great Game of Business—20th Anniversary Edition. Known for his engaging and irreverent style, Steve is a top-rated, sought-after speaker and coach on open-book management, strategy and execution, leadership, and employee engagement.

His audiences range from Harvard University to the Department of Defense, and he is a regular at Inc. magazine’s Inc. 5000 Conference. He has served on the Board of the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) and SRC Holding’s Ownership Culture Initiative.

Steve is an award-winning artist and lives in Springfield, Missouri, with his trophy wife, JoAnn, and three above-average children.

 “Not only have I had the pleasure of taking the Great Game of Business courses, I continue to use many of the key principles from this leadership system every day in my role as CEO.  Beginning with the right leadership; insuring that there is respect for every individual; focusing on optimizing key decisions and instilling a daily desire to win are all key components I have implemented into my operating rhythm. This book will definitely help everyone keep practicing and implementing The Game.”

-Sam Reese, CEO, Vistage Worldwide

Get in the Game details how to create the critically important “line of sight” every employee needs to be fully engaged and driving toward a common goal.  And it details how to get everyone in your company focused with one eye on the financial impact of their decisions.  Then watch profits and cash soar.”

-Verne Harnish, Founder Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and author of Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)


Origin of The Great Game of Business:

In 1983 along with 12 other managers, Jack Stack scraped together $100,000 in cash, borrowed $8.9 million and transformed a failing division of International Harvester into one of the most successful and competitive companies in America. Under Mr. Stack’s leadership and Open-Book Management approach (later coined The Great Game of Business), this formerly failing company has now become SRC Holdings Corporation, a thriving company of 1,900 engaged employees in 12 business units across a variety of industries producing $600 million in annual sales.  An investment of $1000 in SRC in 1983  is worth $7,240,000 today.

About SRC:

SRC Holdings Corporation is a 100% Employee-Owned Company consisting of twelve business units including joint ventures with partners such as John Deere, Case New Holland and Navistar; in addition, SRC maintains a venture capital incubator fund.

  • SRC has sales of over $600,000,000 and employs over 1900 people.
  • SRC has increased its stock value 724,000% since 1983.
  • SRC has created 60 companies and thousands of jobs since 1983.
  • SRC has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Companies to Work for in America, as well as Forbes Magazine’s Top Small Workplaces and WorldBlu Most Democratic Workplaces
  • SRC has received the National Business Ethics Award and the Business Enterprise Trust Award.  

About the Great Game of Business:

In a study conducted on 20 years of data, companies who fully implemented the practices of The Great Game of Business consistently experience remarkable growth, profitability and employee engagement, including more than:

  • 2 X Revenue Growth
  • 5 X Profit Growth
  • 2 X Employee Engagement**
  • 3 X Business Literacy***
  • Company Culture Ranked Top 10% in U.S.****
  • More than 3,000,000 employees have been given a chance to play The Game…and win.
  • In 27 years, thousands of companies have attended Great Game conferences and seminars prompting BusinessWeek to label SRC a ‘management Mecca’
  • Magazine’s #1 Innovation practice in 30 years (April ’09)
  • 100 Best Business Books of All Time
  • Cited in over 100 other business books
  • Capstone for MBA programs around the US
  • Over 350,000 in print, 34th printing, 14 languages
  • Magazine dubbed Jack Stack the ‘Father of Open-Book Management’
  • Magazine calls CEO Jack Stack the ‘smartest strategist in America’

* CAGR: Compounded Annual Growth Rate
**compared to Gallup’s National Engagement Study
***compared to Harris Interactive Poll of US workforce
**** Denison Organizational Culture Survey