Creating a Huddle Rhythm

In the Huddle cycle, numbers are created and shared at a series of meetings (Huddles), from daily departmental check-ins (pre- and post-Huddles) to weekly company-wide gatherings.  Information comes from every corner of the business into an accurate, up-to-the-minute Big Picture view of the company's overall financial performance. 

Following the action through this series of Huddles provides a rhythm of communication where everyone is kept informed, involved, and engaged in moving the company forward.  There are many important steps in the development of an effective Huddle process, including specific agendas, clear scheduling, and teamwork.

Huddles provide a consistent communication rhythm that can virtually eliminate  communication breakdowns, by simply communicating through the language of business - the numbers.  With this regular, company-wide, big picture review of the business and the financial outlook, each employee and their team can account for their actions with a clear understanding of where the problems and opportunities truly lie and how they can directly impact the outcome.

A breakdown of the Huddle cycle:



(daily, departmental)

This is the start of the Huddle cycle.  In this Huddle, the team reviews workgroup performance, develops a financial opinion (or forecast) from operational performance, and communicates this information up, through and across the company.

Read more about the Pre-Huddle and watch the video.


Management Huddle

(also called "Small Huddle" or "Small Staff")

Your Management Huddle is the opportunity for the key leaders in the company to review financial/critical number performance and develop a big picture financial outlook they will communicate across the company.

Read more about the Management Huddle and watch the video.


All-Company Huddle

(also called "Big Huddle")

This is the main company huddle, and brings together all employees in the business.  This typically happens once a week.  Here, various employees forward forecast each line item on the Income Statement and the entire team develops ideas and plays for improvements.

Read more about the All-Company Huddle and watch the video.