Great Game Healthy Companies demonstrate both outstanding financial results and impressive cultural results (after all... It’s Money. It’s People. It’s Both.™).

For the 2024 Healthy Company Awards, we have GREATLY simplified the application process.  Please complete the THREE STEPS below by March 31, 2024. Upon review of your submission, our staff writer Darren Dahl will reach out to you to complete an interview of your company, which will be the final step of the process.


Step One
Your employees will need to complete the survey, which takes less than 7 minutes and rates your company on key aspects of the Great Game (including transparency, financial literacy, communication, employee engagement, etc.). 

Cut and paste the 'Survey Link' below to distribute it to all your employees, along with an explanation of why they are being asked to complete it. Employees will need to finish the survey once they start it, as it is not set up to save partially-completed surveys or remember a respondent if they close the survey before completing it.

This link facilitates multiple employees taking the survey on the same computer if necessary.



Participation required by March 31:

<10 employees: 100% participation

10+ employees: 70% participation

Step Two

Please complete the Financial Analysis Tool™ (click to access), which includes space to input the past four (4) years of financial information + the current year's projections (including income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow information).

It is recommended that you download the tool into an EXCEL format for full functionality and to see the notes provided in the input areas.  *Remember that TOTAL ASSETS = TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY*. 

Save the completed document and submit it through the form below. 

Step Three
Complete the form below. Don't forget to attach your completed Financial Input form.


Click here for additional information about the Healthy Company Awards. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to