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Being a speaker at the Great Game of Business Conference™ is a great opportunity to share your lessons learned, inspire other business people with your journey, advance the mission of transforming lives with the Great Game of Business, and identify yourself as a leader in the open-book community. To thank you for your time and contribution to the community, speakers also receive a free conference registration.

This year, we are doing speaker selection a little differently.  We've polled the community to determine what topics are top-of-mind, and potential speakers are asked to select from those topics.  

Submission Deadline: January 15, 2023

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Submission Deadline: January 15, 2023

Anyone wishing to speak at the Great Game of Business Conference must submit a speaker application, which will be evaluated by the Practitioner Council. The Council will rate speaker applications based on the goals and objectives of the conference, as well as speaker qualifications.

WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ASSOCIATES, SUPERVISORS, AND MIDDLE MANAGERS INVOLVED IN THE PRESENTATIONS! Not only is that what the Great Game of Business is all about, but practitioners and 'tire kickers' alike want to hear from the people “on the front lines” that can give them insights and inspiration to help ignite engagement in their own organizations.

As part of the application process, you will choose up to three topics that you would be willing to present on, and provide a short "pitch" for each topic selected.  The pitch should include your experience with the topic, as well as a few of the ideas and insights you would share in the session. 

If selected, you will be grouped into a presentation team that includes a Great Game Coach and Great Game staff member. The team will work together to develop the session, description, learning objectives, tangible takeaways, and slide deck.  (If you have a particular coach or staff member you'd like to work with, please note that in your application.)

This year, we are asking potential speakers to select up to three topics from the following list of topics, curated from practitioner input:   

  • Getting new employees up-to-speed: onboarding for Great Game
  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Tactics for hiring the RIGHT employees
  • Strategic people planning (succession planning)
  • Career track development
  • Engaging families to retain employees
  • Employee development programs
  • Start with the Right Leadership - enhancing your leadership team
  • Leadership in a Great Game company
  • Breaking down departmental silos
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Creative ways to teach personal financial literacy
  • Using Huddles to teach employees
  • Huddle leader training
  • Train the Trainer
  • Creating MiniGames
  • Keeping The Game alive / sustaining The Game
  • Reviving The Game / taking the Game to the Next Level
  • Tactics for driving line-item ownership
  • Innovative ways to create line of sight
  • High-Involvement Planning
  • Contingency planning
  • Capital and long-term planning
  • Economic expectations for the future
  • Closing the gap between the haves and have nots
  • Using technology to create efficiencies (digital transformation)
  • ESOP / Employee ownership (and related topics)
  • Ownership transition considerations 
  • Reforming a "yes man" culture
  • Blending GGOB with other operating systems/ideas
  • CEO-in-Training: How to prepare your successor now
  • Specific challenges of female CEOs
  • Playing The Game through difficult financial times
  • Tactics for creating buy-in to GGOB

You are also invited to submit a "wild card" topic - an off-list topic of your own choosing.

Submission Deadline - January 15, 2023

Start Your Submission

Please read through this entire page before clicking the Start Your Submission button. In addition to explaining the submission process, this page details the requirements, benefits, and expectations related to being a conference speaker. 

submission process

The submission form will collect information about the speakers and the presentation being proposed.


If you have any questions, please contact Kristi Stringer (kstringer@ggob.com).


speaker benefits

If chosen as a speaker, your registration fee for the conference will be waived (value: $1,550). This complimentary registration does NOT include: 

  • add-on Conference events such as the CEO Summit, Wednesday night networking reception, or deep-dive workshops
  • hotel accommodations or other expenses (travel, transportation, parking, meals or materials) 
  • conference registration fees or expenses for support personnel, personal camera crews, etc. 


speaker requirements

If chosen to be a Breakout Session speaker, you will be grouped with a Great Game Coach and Great Game team member to develop a 75-minute session for the conference.  The team will need to work together to achieve the following requirements: 

  • Develop an educational session that will fill a 75-minute time slot and include adequate time for participant sharing, questions, and answers.  The session should be interactive, hands-on (to the extent possible), and result in multiple take-aways.
  • Submit one (1) educational blog or vlog post tied to the session topic, to help market the session. Parameters to be provided.

  • Submit a PowerPoint presentation that adheres to Conference branding guidelines - template will be provided and must be utilized.

  • Provide any necessary session handouts.

  • Grant The Great Game of Business, Inc. the right to audiotape, photograph, and/or videotape your presentation, and reproduce and sell the materials as it sees fit.

session requirements

  • Sessions must be content-driven and educational. Sessions that appear to pitch a product or service will be not be chosen.
  • Sessions presented by or co-presented with actual Great Game of Business practitioners are preferred. If you are a service provider and feel your product or service is complimentary to the principles and practices of The Great Game of Business, we recommend you co-present with a client.
  • Sessions that provide at least two tangible tools as a take-away for participants are preferred - consider what action the participants will be able to take after participating in your session.
  • Sessions that provide hands-on learning opportunities or interaction (such as small group activities) generally receive higher marks.
  • Sessions that are innovative and applicable to a broad audience are preferred.

submission requirements

The application is in three parts:

  >> ACCOUNT: You'll start out by creating an account.

  >> ADDITIONAL INFO:  You may choose up to 3 topics from the list (or select a topic of your own choice) and make a short pitch for each topic selected.  

  >> PROFILE: To complete your profile, you will need to enter basic contact info, and a short bio, and upload a headshot and company logo. 

You will have the opportunity to come back and update your submission before the 1/15 deadline, but note that there are a few items that will be required in order to initially submit/save it. 

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